Cat Ladies Story – Chapter 2

Valerie and Ginger lived alone in a small apartment. Lyla moved to the large picture window upon entering. There was floor to ceiling cat tower positioned in front of it. Ginger was sprawled on the top tower shelf gazing out the window. Ginger's ears perked a bit, her only sign of acknowledging their presence.

Valerie asked, "Would you like a glass of water?" "Yes, please" Lyla responded. "How do you like the team?" "Oh, pretty well, so far. I've discovered that you are well known for living with Ginger. She seems like a best friend type of cat. Some suggested that you are a crazy cat lady with only one cat!"

Valerie was not surprised to hear this. Due to not living alone and not dating anyone, her coworkers often gave her a hard time about this. They did not seem to understand that she would likely still be living alone if she didn't have a cat! She wasn't living alone because she had a cat. The right man had not come along her path yet. Of course, to be considered, any potential mate would need to like cats. She was comfortable living with Ginger while looking for someone to date.

"Tell me about your cats" Valerie requested. "Share how you rescued them." "One day, I was looking out the window" Lyla began, "And saw a big black and white cat prance by. Of course, I thought the cat was cute but did not pay much attention. Every few days, I would notice this same cat in the yard, staring into the window.

And then my husband, Bill, started to see it too. He had several cats growing up and had been wanting to get one. Well, this black and white cat decided to choose us. Over the weeks, this cat began to trust us. He or she would sit on the deck and watch us, but not approach us. We felt like we were being spied on. When summer came, we noticed this cat had two kittens with her! I checked with neighbors, and the cat did not seem to belong to anyone.

We decided to let her raise the kittens in our garage. We provided a box, blanket, food, and a litter box. She was an amazing mother, and we did not have to bottle feed the kittens. She came to trust us and was going outside less and less. Perhaps, she wanted to be an indoor cat. Bill loved the kittens. They were also white with black spots, just like her. So, we decided to keep them. Bill purchased litters boxes and moved them into the house with us. We named the mom cat, Luna. The vet informed us that the kittens were both males. We named them Fluffy and Spot. They have been a ton of fun."

"What a great story!" Valerie exclaimed. "I would love to meet them someday. Ginger was adopted from the local shelter. She's been a joy and helps keep things entertaining at home".

Valerie and Ginger spent the evening sharing cat stories while playing Scrabble. Valerie was glad to have a friend that she could talk about cats with, without feeling judged.

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