Cat Ladies Story – Chapter 3

Early the next morning Valerie was reminiscing about how grateful she felt to have met Lyla as she was getting ready to go to the office. She was happy to have a cat lover on her team.

Valerie's thoughts were interrupted by a loud clunking noise. She rushed into her bedroom to find the source. She did not notice anything unusual when first entering the room, but what had caused the noise? She suspected Ginger.

Ginger liked to knock things off of her dresser. Valerie wondered why she even bothered putting things on it. She supposed that while annoying at times, the "knock things off" game helped to keep Ginger entertained.

After staring at the shelf for several minutes, Valerie discovered that her tulip shaped glass candle holder was missing. The thick pink glass accounted for the noise she heard. Fortunately, it did not shatter on the hardwood floor.

She looked under the bed, and there was Ginger playing with it. Ginger froze when spotted like a child caught with their hand in the cookie jar. The small votive candle rolled out of the holder. Ginger reached for it with her paw. Then she stared at stared at Valerie. Valerie stared back. Ginger seemed to be daring her to go for the candle.

Ginger broke eye contact first and quickly snatched the candle. She scampered out of the room with a candle dangling by the wick in her mouth and her tail up. Valerie would probably find the candle in the main living room later. Ginger liked to store her toys under the couch!

Picking up the candle holder, Valerie giggled at her cat's antics. Ginger won the staring contest, and her prize was the candle.

The scene was entertaining but made Valerie feel nervous. She vowed never to light a candle again while she had a cat. If the candle wick had been burning, then a fire could have started or brunt Ginger. Do cat safe candles exist? She loved scents from the candles but decided burning candles was no longer worth the risk.

She also decided that going forward, to only place items safe for Ginger on top of her dress. Ginger would be safe and free to play with anything on top.

Valerie could hear naysayers in her mind "don't let the cat be in charge!", "why can't you train your cat to stay off things?", "my cat would never dare do such a thing," etc.

Valerie chided herself. Why couldn't she stop worrying about what other people think of her and her cat? Lyla would understand! She planned to invite Lyla out to lunch soon to discuss.

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