My first CatLady Box – August 2016

My cats seemed very interested when I was opening this box. The cats can be seen throughout the video. If you'd like to identify each cat, you can meet them here.

​I was surprised that the box contained cat toys! I admit that I didn't do much research before subscribing to the monthly CatLady Box.

I was expecting the box to only have items for the cat lady! However, having items for me and the cats is a nice balance. Update: The reason for the toys is that I signed up for the Crazy Cat Lady Box!

Video Notes:

  • 0:17 - This box is actually the August 2016 box. I stated July in the video as I wasn't sure. I checked the card insert at the end of the video.
  • 0:27 - I enjoyed the packaging! The tissue paper added to the suspense.
  • 1:38 - My no plastic rule is no plastic bags/packaging around the cats. Cats are smart, but I don't trust them to be able to navigate out of a bag or not try to eat a piece of packaging. 
  • 2:45 - I haven't used the bag yet. I like practical items. After my discover that this wasn't the July 2016 box, I'm wondering if they didn't have other extra toys to throw in!
  • 3:35 - I have not worn the shirt yet as it is a little see through which you can see when I hold up the shirt. This week, I figured out a shirt I can wear underneath it.
  • 3:55 - At least part of all 6 cats can be seen! I did not realize this until watching the recording later.
  • 4:37 - I dropped the camera. oops! I have decided to not do retakes so that you get my first reaction to the items.
  • 5:00 -  The cat sunglasses. Should I wear them over my regular glasses? I don't have contacts.

CatLady Box Insert:

The card shows everything that is in the box along with the retail value of each item. 

The art on the front of the card feels sophisticated. Toni Carbone's Estry shop is here: and a card with the image on it can be purchased.

CatLady Box - August 2016 Unboxing
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