Day 20 of 31 Days of Cat Shirts: Butts

Today’s shirt is the butts shirt from House of Cat.

When I announced the 31 days of cat shirts, I mentioned that I was willing to be paid to wear cat shirts. So, I was very excited when Cat Kazmir from House of Cat offered to send me a shirt! I am not being paid to wear the shirt, but was sent the shirt at no cost to me in exchange for wearing it and sharing about it here and on social media.

House of Cat offers items for cats and cat lovers on Etsy. House of Cat is also an awesome play on Cat’s name (her fully name is Catherine, but everyone calls her Cat). The wool ball cat toy looks super cute.

I love the name House of Cat. I feel like my house is a House of Cat living with six cats.

A Quarter Young did a full length interview with Cat recently. The interview covers how she got started with House of Cat and bit of her background.

Butts Cat Shirt

Cat gave me the choice of any of her cat shirts. I choose the Butts shirt. It’s a creative and fun shirt! I have not seen another one like it. It’s also softer than the Six Dollar Shirts I’ve been wearing during October.

And my cats don’t have any issues with showing off their butts as pictured on the shirt. Below is either Jake or Elwood with his legs up high while cleaning his butt. I’ve seen all of my cats do this move, so I’m thinking it’s the most efficient from them to keep that area clean.

Cat Butt Cleaning

Cat donates 10% of proceeds to Annex Cat Rescue in Toronto, Canada. You can get an awesome shirt from her store and help support a great organization at the same time. Their mission is to help homeless cats. I have a soft spot for homeless cats since 4 of my 6 were found homeless.

Organizations like Annex Cat Rescue, help friendly stray cats find homes. They are also involved with helping with trap/neuter or spay/and release of feral community cats. For more resources to help Feral Cats, check on my post from Day 16, which was National Feral Cat Day.

What do you think of the Butts shirt?

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