Day 26 of 31 Days of Cat Shirts: World’s Best Cat Mom

The World's Best Cat Mom shirt is from Gwen Cooper's Spreadshirt store. I was introduced to Gwen from reading her book, Homer's Odyssey. Homer was a blind cat adopted by Gwen.

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The World's Best Cat Mom

I wore this shirt today to my office. Someone I don't know say it and said "That's quite a claim, oh, it says cat mom". Anyone can be the best cat mom or best mom to human children!

​When people wear this type of shirt, it's because they are proud of how they have cared for their cats or children. Or it was a gift giving to them by their child. And it's common for everyone to think that their mom is the best!

I bought this shirt from myself for Mother's Day 2016. I was encouraged by Ted to get it since I enjoy being a mother of cats so much.

Gwen and Homer​

Gwen adopted Homer when he was 3 weeks old. A blind kitten that nobody else wanted. 

The book, Homer's Odyssey, is the story of their life together. 

Homer grew into a joyful, loving cat and transformed Gwen's life. They were in New York City during 09/11. 

Before I read this book, I do not recall if I was aware of blind cats. We had a friend who had a cat that was missing an eye, but Homer was totally blind. 

Gwen was the World's Best Cat Mom to Homer (and her other cats). She went back to her apartment following 9/11 to rescue them! 

To give the book a proper review, I would need to reread it. I remember that it was a wonderful book, but I have not retained the entire story. Be aware, that Homer passed away in 2013, if decide to read the book or are looking up more information on him.

Are you a World's Best Cat Mom (Or Dad)?

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