Day 27 of 31 Days of Cat Shirts: Detroit Tigers

In September, Ted and I went to a Detroit Tigers baseball game. We went to several stores within the stadium looking for a shirt with a tiger on it. We found this shirt, in one of the larger gift shops. Not all the shops carried shirts with tigers (gasp!).

This purchase served a double purpose. The first was to be able to wear it during the 31 days of cat shirt wearing. The second was to have a Detroit Tigers shirt to wear to the office on opening day or other fun sport your team type days.

The Eye of the Tiger​

This shirt reminded of a cat picture that hangs in my home. There is a tiger in the eye of the cat. I found this picture at a game convention many years ago. The cat reminded of me of my Kilala.

Eye of the Tiger picture

I am not able to make out the name of the artist. This has puzzled me for years! I have looked for the artist at other conventions, but have not come across her again. If you can make out the signature, let me know!

Do you think a tiger shirt qualifies as a cat shirt? One co-worker said I was cheating! Another disagreed and said it counted. What's your opinion? ​

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