Cat-themed clothing and books. Part of the joy of cats (for me) is cat stuff. Below, you will find some of my favorites. Note, some of the links below are affiliate links. If you decided to make a purchase, I will earn a commission at no extra cost to you.

At the bottom of this page, is my current recommend cat water fountain. I am not providing a recommendation for food as the choices to avoid cat food shaming. Please discuss what food is best for your cat with your veterinarian.


As you may know, I have over 30 cat t-shirts in my collection! I found while only wearing cat shirts for one month, that people read shirts. Shirts can be a great way to start conversations about cats.  Teespring is not listed below since there shirts are limited time only offers (although they do repeat sometimes). My favorite shirt, is a Teespring shirt.

I love cat socks however, I am quite picky about them. And many of my favorite cat socks were a gift from my mom so, I’m not sure where they are from. Amazon has plenty of choices if you are looking for cat socks. Maybe there will be some that you like!


Sunfrog sells shirts and other items. I like the quality of their shirts. Also, the designs are uploaded by designers who receive a small profit when a shirt with their design on it sells.

I have only purchased shirts so far from Sunfrog, but they also have leggings and mugs.


Society6 is another site where designers can sell their own designs.

I purchased my first ever cat themed leggings from them. There are many cat designs to choose from.

Society6 also sells phone cases, shirts, mugs, pillow cases, and more. There are many, many cat designs.

Six Dollar Shirts

Six Dollar Shirts sells shirts for $6! Some of the styles are a bit more than six dollars. And sweatshirts will run more. For a basic t-shirt it is hard to beat the value. They are not going to be shirts that you can wear for years and years. Mine seem to be wearing out after about 2 years. 


Below are the cat books I own. There are many, many more on available on Amazon. These books would like nice on the coffee table. Shop Cats of New York has fabulous photography and a story with most of the cats.. Simon’s Cat is full of his antics. And Wit and Wisdom has cat pictures along with an inspirational story or quote.

Click on the image to be taken to the Amazon page.

Cat Themed Note Cards

My favorite note cards (yes, I like to send handwritten notes!) are those by Lang.

Lang note cards make the cats look like art pieces. They are printed on high quality paper (not flimsy).

I love to send these cards to those I know like cats. Or to friends and family that know how much I love cats. Sometimes they seem to expect cat themed items from me! I also like to add cat stickers to envelopes.

See my top 10 Christmas cards here.

Cat Water Fountain

Water fountains can help your cat drink more water. We have had a few different fountains over the years.

My current (and the cats too) is the Drinkwell Pagoda fountain. It’s may favorite because the pump is quiet! And with a trick, the water trickling from the fountain can be quiet too.

My full review of the fountain and how to implement the trick to make it quiet, can be read here.

Cat Brush

The Furminator is the best cat brush I’ve tried so far. It comes in different sizes and also for long hair vs. short hair. You can read my review on the two sizes for short hair cat here. 

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