KitNipBox Unboxing and Review – February 2018

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KitNipBox is a monthly subscription box with items for your cat or cats. They offer two options: The Happy Cat box and the Multi Cat box. If you'd like to receive a box sign up here: KitNipBox. We also choose the option to not receive cat treats and the multi-cat box (after all, we do have multiple cats!). An extra toy is included in place of the treats.

Below, you can watch me open (unbox) the February 2018 KitNipBox. I did not preview the items before making the video. 

Review of the February KitNipBox

The theme of this box was transportation. The images on the thank you card and the actual toys reminded me of children's toys. If a family with small children got this box, the children might want to play with the toys too! 

The little animal toy, which the card says is an owl (I couldn't determine what it was), doesn't really seem to fit the transportation theme. I suppose owls can transport themselves to anywhere they can fly to!

The wand toy in this box has a unique style. There are feathers and ribbons coming out of the end of the wand and there are two little soft plush things (not sure what to call them) that dangle from the wand. The cats loved this wand!

Since Buster will bite and swallow ribbons, I cut them off after making the video.

Nacho with the toys

Nacho with the toys

Lina was all about the toys! She even swatted at Jake to keep him away. She enjoys catnip! Below, she is seen hogging most of the new toys!

Lina with the toys

Lina with the toys

KitNipBox Insert

Below is the list of items that could have been in this box. It looks like they mail the same card to everyone. If you'd like to receive a box sign up here: KitNipBox. The sparkly blue ball is the toy we received this month instead of the cat treats. 

The little gray cat in the backseat window of the blue car reminded me of my Violet

February 2018 KitNipBox - Item List
February 2018 KitNipBox - Thank You Card

Do your cats like to get a box of toys in the mail?

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