KitNipBox November 2016 Unboxing and Review

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KitNipBox is a monthly subscription box with items for your cat or cats. They offer two options: The Happy Cat box and the Multi Cat box. If you'd like to receive a box sign up here: KitNipBox.

We choose the option to not receive treats and the multi cat box!​

To see my open (unbox) the November Kitnip box click play on the video above, or keep reading for my review and pictures of what was in the box. In the video, I sat further frame the camera this time so that the cats that were helping me were more visible. 

Lina with Kitnipbox November 2016 Contents

Lina with Kitnipbox November 2016 Contents

KitNipBox Review

I loved the November box. ​The catnip in the item with the planet on it was very strong and popular with my cats. Although, you can't see in the picture, the toy resembled an old fashioned TV with antenna coming out of the top and knobs on the side. 

In the video, I mentioned that we already had the toy with the blue feather on the end. It was in the August 2016 KitNipBox. ​I cut off the blue feather like stuff. I don't trust Buster with it. Once time he bit off pieces of material like this and it gets stuck in his mouth. 

I was not upset about getting a duplicate toy since the cats enjoy this toy. There is catnip it and I don't think my cat recognized it has a toy they already have. What do you think?

Buster likes the wand toy with the cheetah pattern on it. The favorite toys in the box was the blue and pink fuzzy balls. These balls have received the most play time being pushed and chased around the house.

I was happy with the number of toys in this box. It felt like it was a great value.​

Buster with wand toy

Buster with wand toy

Jake and Elwood with fuzzy ball toys

Jake and Elwood with fuzzy ball toys


November 2016 KitNipBox Insert

The picture on the card reminded me of the Lion in your Living Room Cat documentary which I just happened to watch today! I watched it on NetFlix. Its also available to watch on YouTube

I removed the packing before lining up the toys with the card so I wasn't able to line them up with 100% confidence. And, since we opt out of treats we may get an extra toy. There is a disclaimer on the card that says an item may be different than what is listed on the card. ​

KitNipBox - November 2016 Unboxing
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