Meowbox January 2017 Unboxing and Review

​Click play above to see what is in the January 2017 Meowbox. Or keep reading for my review and pictures of cats with the toys.

Meowbox is a monthly subscription box with items for your cat or cats. Each box contains for or more items. To subscribe and for more details, check out Meowbox.com.

January 2017 Meowbox Review:

The January box does not really seem to have a theme. The bacon and eggs were my favorite toys from this box!

The cats like the ball toys the best (in lower left hand side of the picture you can see one of the two in the package).

The flashing rubbery mouse toy was not given to my cats. I didn't like the feel of the plastic and didn't want them to risk any of the cats chewing through it. There is not a good picture of it as my husband cut the mouse up to get the flasher out for another use!

Meowbox January 2017 items

Meowbox January 2017 items. I didn't realize that the bottom of the box was cut off until making this blog post! Now the toys are scattered. Watch the video to get a better look at them!

The frog toy has a pull string coming out of its rear. Pulling on it makes the frog vibrate. My cats seem puzzled by the noise. I was hoping that the frog would bounce or move a bit but even on the smooth kitchen floor it remained stationary. 

Taco with the frog toy

Taco with the frog toy

January 2017 Meowbox Insert

The card was a Halloween themed card. The link on the card is: meowbox.com/goodies. This link seems to redirect to the current month's box. If you here looking at this past January, here is the link to the January box. This page lists where to find each item that was in the box. 

The art on the card is from www.instagram.com/kshocs.

Meowbox - January 2017 Unboxing and Review
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Three Chatty Cats - February 21, 2017

We also have a toy with a pull string and they aren’t too sure about the noise either.


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