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New cat integration without doing everything as recommended
New cat integration can take from days to months. With our new cat Charlotte, I was hoping for days! This post covers part of the journey.
7 tips for DIY cat wall shelves and walkways
We installed cat shelves and walkways in a spare bedroom to give the cats more vertical space.I want as many[...]
KitNipBox Unboxing and Review – February 2018
See what was in the February 2018 KitNipBox! Unboxing and Review. The wand toy is a different style than I have seen before.
How to delay the water from freezing for outdoor cats without electricity
Read about how I delayed the water from freezing for the outdoor and feral cats in my yard without electricity using microwavable hot packs and stacking bowls.
The Joy of Cats

About the Joy of Cats

I am Heidi. Along with my husband, Ted, we have eight indoor cats. Five of the eight were rescued from our backyard. I've written up each of their stories here

I learned how to do TNR during the summer of 2017. We have between 2 and 6 cats coming to our yard every day for food.

Over time my joy of cats as increased and I was encouraged by many friends to start a cat blog, so here it is!

I love talking about cats and cat stuff and will provide you with cat tips!

In October 2016, I wore a different cat shirt each day. That was fun and I learned that shirts can start conversations.

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