Orange and White Tabby Cat

Life Isn’t Fair For Cats

When outdoor cat pictures are posted on social media, people occasionally comment that the cat should be kept inside. Ideally, all friendly cats would have …


How often to change cat water - cat at water bowl

How Often To Change Cat Water

The water for cats should be changed daily when using a traditional water bowl. Cats like fresh water better than stale, and cats need to …


Cat under a drop trap

Cat Drop Trap Tips

Using a cat drop trap can take a bit of practice.  I recently needed to trap Pork Chop, one of the feral cats that come …


clay cat litter with a plastic scoop resting on top of it

Cat Litter Box Problem Guide

Litter box problems are not fun! Solving litter box problems as quickly as possible will be best for you and your cats. Reminder: I am …