I am Heidi and like to talk about cats and cat stuff. In 2016, my friends encouraged me to start a cat blog, so here it is! 

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We have currently have 8 indoor cats (Kilala passed away in April 2019) and have 3 semi-feral cats coming everyday for food to our yard. We have a shed setup for them to stay warm in the winter. Meet the cats here. Every cat, including yours, has a story! 

all 6 cats on the cat towers

 6 cats on the cat towers
Ted trimming Kilala's claws

Ted trimming Kilala's claws

Frequently asked questions

Did you grow up having cats?

I did not grow up with any cats. My first long term experience with a cat was house sitting when I was in college for one month for a professor who had one cat.

This cat did not want anything to do with me, regardless I enjoyed caring for it. This cat was an indoor/outdoor cat and I would pray each time it went out, that it would come back unharmed! The cat went out the window and 15 to 45  minutes later it returned. 

Ted's family had small dogs but no cats.

So, then how did you end up having cats?

Shortly after we were married, we decided to try cats when a friend's barn cat had kittens.et 1 kitten, but decided that if we got 2 they could play with each other and we would each have one to hold on our lap. This strategy worked out very well!

We brought home Lina and Kilala once they were old enough to be away from their mom in the spring of 2003.

Does Ted like the cats as much as Heidi?

Yes, he does! After we already had 7 cats, he is the one that decided we should keep Nacho (born in our yard to feral cat Chloe) and Charlotte. 

Almost everyday 3 or 4 of the cats will be on Ted's lap at the same time.

How do you remember all their  names/keep them straight?

How do you remember the names of different people? It's the same only instead of people it's cats.

Contact and stuff

Heidi can be contacted at heidi@thejoyofcats.com for media inquires, guest blog posts, sponsored posts, etc.

Note: We are not veterinarians and do not have any professional training with cats (or any other animal). If you are having an issue with your cat, please contact your veterinarian.

Meet our cats here.