Meet the cats

Here are some highlights of our nine cats. Each cat brings us joy in their own way! Their names below are links to an individual page providing more information about them and their story.

The Indoor Cats

Lina and Kila

We adopted our first 2 cats (Lina and Kilala) in Spring 2003 from a friends barn. Their stories will focus on their life since moving in with us.

Lina: Alpha cat, born without a tail, has allergies, sister of Kilala

Kilala: Hyperactive thyroid, has slowed down a bit, sister of Lina


In January 2011, we took in Buster from our yard. He was our first rescue from the yard.

Buster: Our most friendly cat, not related to any of our other cats (possibly related to "Other Buster" mentioned in Violet's story).

Violet and the twins

In July of 2014, Violet brought 5 kittens to our yard. We took her in keeping 2 of the kittens (Jake and Elwood) and found homes for the other 3 kittens. We had to socialize all of the kittens!

Violet: Originally known as Cat Mom, rescued from the yard. Her story includes the story of Other Buster, a feral cat we fed for a couple of years.

Jake: Son of Violet, purrs easily, likes to sit on couch with the humans.

Elwood: Son of Violet, afraid of anything loud, likes to eat treats

Jake and Elwood's story of coming to live with us the same and they are also twins. As a twin myself (I have a twin brother), I felt it was important for them to have their own page instead of grouping them together.We sometimes refer to them as "the twins" or "the kittens". They are no longer kittens, but we still call them that sometimes.


Taco is our seventh cat and is another rescue. He was found when about 2 months old in my sister's yard. 


Nacho, cat 8, was born in the yard to a feral cat named Chloe. Nacho and her 4 siblings were socialized after they were weaned. 


Charlotte became our ninth cat as a foster fail. 

The Outdoor Cats

Meet Heidi and Ted here.