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Lina is the alpha cat! She is our smallest cat and also the boss cat!

Lina died on January 7th, 2021. You can read about her passing here.

Lina’s Details

  • Weight: 7.5 lbs
  • Gender: Female
  • Coloring: Calico
  • Birth Date: Last week of February 2003
  • Relationships: Sister of Kilala
  • Nicknames: Boss Cat, Queen, Lina Bear
  • Favorite Human: Ted. 90% of the time, if Ted and I are both on the couch she will choose to sit on Ted.
  • Health Issues: Seasonal allergies.

Lina’s Story

Lina was born in a friend’s barn along with Kilala during the last week of February 2003. Our plan was to take one cat from the litter. We came home with two!

Lina was born without a tail. Her mother also did not have a tail. She has a little stump where a tail would normally be. The lack of a tail does not seem to have impacted her life.

Lina is named after Lina Inverse from the anime Slayers.​

Just about every year in late summer she has allergies that flare up. In 2015, she had several rough months with licking her paws, a hot spot, etc. Many vet visits and shots and changed her food. She eventually recovered!

Lina is not only the boss of the other cats, she also tries to boss around her humans! She prefers Ted and I to be sitting on the couch.

She will often meow if we are in other rooms and will stop as soon as we are on the couch. She looks to sit on the top level of the cat tower and watch us.

When we decided to take in Buster we didn’t do proper, slow introductions as we didn’t really know what we were doing. We had Lina and Kilala for 8 years at that time and we took them in together.


Lina took a while (over a year) to adjust to Buster. When we rescued Violet and her kittens, we did slower introductions. Lina did not like it when the kittens chased her! They are adult cats now but still chase her occasionally.

Violet also seemed to challenge her for the alpha cat position (there were many stare downs). Currently, they don’t cuddle together but have mostly stopped hissing at each other.

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