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Elwood is our most timid cat and is more likely to be found playing with another cat, than with a human.

Elwood’s Details

  • Weight: 13 lbs
  • Gender: Male
  • Coloring: Orange tabby
  • Birth Date: June or July 2014
  • Relationships: Violet’s son, Jake’s brother
  • Nicknames: Kitty, one of the twins
  • Favorite Human: Unknown
  • Health Issues: None

Elwood’s Story

Like Jake, Elwood was one of Violet’s kittens. She brought him and her 4 other kittens into our yard on July 20, 2014.

Elwood was named after Elwood in the Blues Brothers movie. Ted choose the names for both Jake and Elwood.

I am thankful that we rescued Elwood and socialized him.

I don’t think he would have survived on his own as a feral cat. He has always been more skittish than the other cats.

He will hide for many hours after we vacuum, sometimes to the point of skipping the evening treat time.

He hides when people he doesn’t know comes over and may take hours to reappear after they leave.

Elwood sleeping

Elwood favors Jake the most when it comes to play time. They love to run and chase each other. Less often, Jake will play with Buster and Violet. He will also nap with Kilala in a window seat occasionally.

Of all of the cats, Elwood is the least likely to be found on the couch with Ted or Heidi. He is more likely to get on the couch if Buster or Jake are there already.

One of Elwood’s favorites spots under a couch. He is our only cat that we’ve noticed sleeping (and sometimes hiding) under the couch. A great reminder of how each cat is different and has their own personality and preferences.

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