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Jake is our rowdy cat. He loves to chase and play with the other cats. He prefers to snuggle with Buster.

Jakes’s Details

  • Weight: 13 lbs
  • Gender: Male
  • Coloring: Orange tabby
  • Birth Date: June or July 2014
  • Relationships: Violet’s son, Elwood’s brother
  • Nicknames: Jakey, Kitty
  • Favorite Human: Slight preference for Ted
  • Health Issues: None

Jake’s Story

Jake came into our lives when Violet brought him and her 4 other kittens into our yard on July 20, 2014.

When the kittens were still outside with Violet, we did not name them right away as we planned to find homes for them. Jake and Elwood were known as the orange kittens.

Once I socialized them, one of the orange kittens liked to climb on me and sit on my lap more than the other kittens. Looking back, I feel that was likely Jake as much more social than Elwood.

Jake was named after Jake in the Blues Brothers movie. One of the conditions of keeping Jake and Elwood was that Ted got to name them. I had not seen the movie until after they were named.

Jake loves to hang out with Buster. Buster does not always appreciate this and sometimes will push him away. He is known for following Buster around.

Jake likes to nap with another cat more than the others. He will sleep with Buster or Elwood.

In the mornings, he will usually snuggle a bit with Ted on the couch.​

Jake is full of energy! He likes to run and chase the other cats. Lina does not enjoy being chased and will hiss at him sometimes.

Jake likes to wrestle with Elwood, Violet, and Buster. Sometimes, he will try to play with Kilala, but she usually doesn’t play back! Lina, if in the right mood, will play when boxes are involved!

Jake will also rub against my legs when I am in the kitchen cooking. Usually, if I pet him, he will roll over and show me his belly!

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