Cat Book Giveaway and Review: Shop Cats of New York and Cats on Catnip

Welcome the first Joy of Cats Giveaway! Since children are returning to school this time of year in the United States, I decided to give away two cat books! One lucky winner will receive a hardcover edition of both books.

These books are for people that love beautiful photos of cats!

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Shop Cats of New York

Every cat has a story! That’s one reason why I love Shop Cats of New York. The book is written by Tamar Arslanian of the I Have Cat blog.

Tamar tells the story of each featured cat. The cats are living in stores or other places in New York City.

The photographs were taken by Andrew Marttila. The photos are amazing and capture the lives of these cats.

Cats on Catnip

Cats on Catnip is a book pf cat pictures by Andrew Marttila. Andrew rescues kittens with Kitten Lady (Hannah Shaw).

There are not any written stories in this book. The book is filled with pages of cats photographed with catnip, as the title implies.

Flipping through the incredible photos is a joy!

Watch the video below to see both books

The Giveaway

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The value was determined by the list price on Amazon. I will ship the winner both books via Amazon.

Good Luck!

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