Fun Flower Pop Up Card for Cat Lovers

Note: I received these cards for free from Cardology. I am not being paid to write this post about the cards. 

We no longer have real flowers in our home as avoiding flowers seems easier than remembering which flowers are toxic to cats. So, I was super excited when I discovered that Cardology makes a flower card!

Flower Cards can be an alternative to real flowers!

When I saw this card, my first thought was that this card, or a similar card, could be sent to a person with cats in place of real flowers. This card folds flat and the flowers pop-up when the card is opened. Watch the video below to see the card in action!

As mentioned in the video, greeting cards seem safe for cats. I was very surprised when Kilala took a bite out of one of the flowers (which could potentially be dangerous if she swallowed the paper.) The irony! I suspect that she would not have noticed the card at all if it was sitting on the kitchen counter.

You may want to supervise your cat with pop-up cards just as you would when introducing them to a new cat toy.

Violet with cat card
Violet with cat card
Inside of cat card
Inside of cat card

More about the cards

These cards are available from Cardology which is located in the UK. You’ll want to be aware of shipping rates and times to your country. Also, the cards appear to be square and may require extra postage when mailing from the United States (I didn’t mail one yet to find out).

Also, you may want to write a note on a separate piece of paper that you stick into the card instead of writing inside of the card. Or perhaps write on the back of the card. This way your note will not be visible when the card is on display.

These beautiful pop-up cards could be fun to send instead of real flowers to someone who doesn’t want real flowers in their home.

Flower Card Outside Flower Card Inside

What have you sent to a cat person instead of real flowers?

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