2020 Annual Year-End Cat Letter

screen shot of part of the annual cat letter

For this year’s holiday card, I painted a picture and then uploaded it to RedBubble to have it printed onto cards! The card looked like this: I also created a photo collage card with all the cats which you can see below the letter. The 2020 Annual letter Hi Friends, I hope this letter finds … Read more

The Fragile Trust of a cat

Of course, you want your cat to like you and interact with you. To feel the joy of a head bump from a cat or to hear their gentle purr when petting them. Sometimes gaining the cat’s trust and keeping it isn’t easy. Take Nacho, for example.  Since spring Nacho has struggled with an unknown … Read more

Where’s the meowing cat

Sometimes you hear a meow from your cat. It may sound like the usual meow at first. I was playing the piano Then I heard Lina’s meow She likes to meow for attention Lina didn’t come to the piano when I called for her She has partial hearing loss but is not completely deaf I … Read more

2019 annual cat year-end letter

Last year, I thought it would be fun to write an annual letter about my cats (read the 2018 letter here). Traditionally, year-end newsletters are written about people and are short summary of major events (including health problems) from the family for that year. Below is the 2019 letter! The health status or vacations of … Read more

The day my cat died: What happened?

I didn’t know that Monday morning would be Kilala’s last morning. That morning upon waking, Kilala was in the basement on a self-warming mat. Her spending time in the basement without a human was a bit unusual, but with her being super thin, I was happy she was using the mat. Kilala was offered wet … Read more