3 Things Cat People Say That Used To Bother Me But Now I Say Them Too

In my early years as a cat lady, there were things cat people would say that I couldn’t get on board with. However, now I am saying those things myself as a cat lady.

Calling themselves “Mom” or “Dad”

When talking about the cats, we sometimes refer to ourselves as Mom and Dad.

For example, I might ask Charlotte, “Did Daddy give you your special treat today?” in front of Ted (my husband). She is on a routine of having Miralax every day, and we mix it with a cat treat.

So, instead of asking Ted questions directly, the questions are said to the cat, but Ted is the one that responds.

It used to bother me a lot as being a mom or dad of a home isn’t the same as being a parent to humans. But now, it just happens and feels fine and fun.

While different than caring for babies, we provide the cats with lots of care and love.

What a Cute Baby!

Any phrase where a cat was called a baby used to unsettle me. I felt that the term baby should only be used for human babies out of respect for humans.

However, I’ve made the switch and will gladly ask a cat:

  • Who’s the cutest baby
  • Are you being a big baby?
  • What did my big baby do today?
  • Do my babies want cat treats?

It feels natural now to refer to the cats as a baby.

Asking a cat rhetorical questions is fun, and I enjoy talking to cats. And cats are like babies as a human baby cannot answer a question either.

Referring to Adult Cats as Kitties

Sometimes I see cat rescues on social media, and others call their adult cats, kitties. For example, they might say:

  • Come see all our kitties at the adoption event on Friday.
  • Our sanctuary provides a permanent home for 100 kitties!
  • My kitties are the best! Along with a picture of their adult cats.

This used to bother me as adult cats are not kittens. However, I’ve since accepted kitties and kitty as acceptable synonyms for adult cats. I even call the cats in my clowder kitty sometimes.

  • Who’s the best kitty?
  • Were you a good kitty today?
  • Did you have a great day, Kitty?

Cats Are My Favorite

I spend more time with cats than humans on an average day. And this includes my husband, as usually, at least one cat of the cats is with me wherever I am in the house.

It wasn’t always this way, but I started working from home every day at the start of the pandemic.

So, talking to the cats as if they could talk back and as if they are my babies feels normal.

After all, they are my family (along with Ted)!

Is there anything that cat people say that bothers you? 

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Heidi Bender is the writer and founder of the Joy of Cats. She enjoys sharing cat information and providing helpful cat tips. She considers herself a cat lady and currently cares for eight cats.

2 thoughts on “3 Things Cat People Say That Used To Bother Me But Now I Say Them Too”

  1. I’ve always loved cats more than people, and always will. My guy is 15, and he has a lot of nicknames including “kitten-man” because it’s appropriate for him.
    Cats aren’t “babies” and I’m not their “parent” — cats are FAMILY in my family, members of another species and every bit as important as the human family members.

  2. Very nice article. I believe motherhood is so much inclusive than the original description of the world. Mother heart has so much love for their children, maybe other children, animals, even adults not their children. Mother means care inconditionaly for me. So if someone calls themselves cat mom, who am I to criticize? Love should always be celebrated in all forms. We never know the person’s story. So, I believe in sharing love.


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