How I Easily Give My Cat MiraLAX Every Day

My cat Charlotte will need a small dose of MiraLAX daily for the rest of her life.

After a couple of years of dealing with constipation, Charlotte had a complete blockage. You can read more about when she was my cat that couldn’t poop here.

The short version of her story is that she has a healed broken pelvic bone. Unfortunately, the fractured bone healed in the wrong position, making it more difficult for stool to pass through.

So, the solution is to give her MiraLAX every day to help make her poo a little softer and easier to get through.

Since I am not a vet, I will not be sharing the dosage he recommends, as your cat may need a different amount. And we’ve had to adjust the amount to make sure she is getting enough but not too much.

However, there is some general information about MiraLAX for cats here. I will share how I am giving Charlotte the prescribed amount.

IF YOUR CAT IS constipated, please consult a veterinarian for treatment options. Do not self-diagnose your cat. Charlotte’s condition was terrible and required enemas and an overnight stay. She may have died if I had not taken her to the vet.

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MiraLAX with syringe

Giving MiraLax to My Cat

The instructions from the vet were to mix the MiraLAX with a small amount of water and then force Charlotte to swallow it using a plastic syringe to get it into her mouth.

We did this method for only one day. Forcing the mixture into her mouth every day was going to be too stressful for her and me to

So, to make it easy, I’ve been mixing the MiraLAX with a small amount of water and then mixing it with a meat tube treat.

The key for Charlotte is not having too much water mixed in. If it’s too watery, Charlotte will not eat it.

Charlotte enjoys the daily treat, and she gets the MiraLAX that reduces her chance of constipation.

What aren’t you mixing the MiraLAX with her wet food?

We have six other indoor cats who get wet food every morning. So, mixing the MiraLAX into her wet food would be an option too.

However, sometimes the cats switch bowls after giving them their wet food dish. So, I wanted a way to make sure the right cat was consuming the MiraLAX.

How do you give the MiraLAX treat mixture to only one cat?

I’ve had to be sneaky about the timing of giving Charlotte her treat. At first, it was easy as I gave her the mixture when the other cats were sleeping.

But as time passed, the other cats learned what was happening, or they could smell the meat tube treat. So there have been a few times where I’ve split a second meat tube treat amongst the other cats that suddenly appeared when getting the mixture ready for Charlotte.

And Violet seems to recognize the sound of the MiraLAX container being opened. So, to not attract her attention, sometimes I open the container while making other noises in the kitchen (cooking, cleaning, loading the dishwasher, etc.).

Meat Tube Treat With Bowl

MiraLAX for Cats Money Saving Tips

#1 Order treats in bulk.

If you decide to use a wet treat mixture, you may be able to find the cat’s preferred treat in a larger quantity online.

Charlotte likes the Delectables Squeeze Up chicken flavor (she doesn’t like seafood flavors). Amazon and Chewy sell the 32 meat tube packs, which are much less expensive than buying the 5 pack at the local store.

#2 Mix with your cat’s current food.

If you don’t want to do the treat mixture, you can try mixing the MiraLAX with your cat’s wet food. After mixing the MiraLAX with a bit of water, add it to the wet food.

Then, you will not have an extra expense of buying more treats if you are trying to keep your monthly cost of providing for cats low.

#3 Get a larger size of Miralax

We discovered that Costco sells a double pack of the large size of Miralax. And Costco offers a double pack in their Kirkland brand, which costs even less.

Amazon also sells the larger MiraLAX value size.

The larger size will last a long time (since cats get only a tiny amount), and you may want to get a smaller size until you are certain your cat will need Miralax long-term.


Mixing MiraLAX with a bit of water and a meat tube treat has proven to be a very easy way to give my cat her daily dose of MiraLAX.

Please work with a veterinarian if your cat has constipation issues. My cat’s problems are due to an out-of-place pelvic bone. Your vet will need to diagnose your cat’s specific issue.

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  1. My cat is a Siamese rescue who has issues with eliminating each day. I’ve been giving him lactulose recommended by our vet, but he hates it. I don’t blame him, I had to take it for a few weeks after spine surgery. I thought I’d try Miralax mixed in Gerber baby food, chicken flavor. He likes that and it would be easy to give him in a few bites off my finger – he’s gentle, I won’t lose a finger.


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