The 10 Best Reasons To Get a Cat According to a Cat Lady

I’ve had cats since 2003 and have become a cat lady.

Based on my experiences with cats, I will share the top reasons to consider getting a cat.

While cats are my favorite, cats may not be the pet for everyone! Also, you should NOT get a cat if others in your household are against it.

If you are thinking about getting a cat, here are some of my top reasons for having a cat as a pet. Also, in general, if you are adopting kittens, they can do better in pairs as they have each other to hang out with and play with

Cats Provide Joy

Watching cats play and do silly things may add joy to your life as they have to me (and my husband).

They can also be a delight watching them sleep, stare out the window, sit in your lap, or do other everyday cat things.

Cats Provide Companionship

A cat can be your companion. The cat will be dependent on you for their welfare.

Having a cat to care for can add meaning to your life as you are responsible for feeding them, giving them a safe environment, etc.

You’ll likely be rewarded with purrs and snuggles in exchange for your care. But beware that under-socialized cats may not give you much affection in return.

You Like Them

Is there any better reason to get a cat? If you like cats, it’s a great reason to add a cat or two to your home.

Just make sure you know your limit and do not have too many cats.

Emotional Support

Cats are great listeners. You can tell them all of your problems. They will also keep your secrets.

And it’s proven that petting cats can decrease stress.

My cat, Buster, felt like my best friend when my mother-in-law died unexpectedly. He snuggled with me and seemed to know that I needed him. He stayed close to me that week.

Cats Will Teach You Things

When we first adopted cats, I didn’t expect to learn things from them.

I’ve learned patience from my cats. When the cats were sick, I could only wait for them to feel better as the prescribed medication worked.

Cats also show us the importance of stretching. Often, a cat will do a big stretch when they get up after napping.

They also know all about getting plenty of sleep!

Help With the Cat Over Population Problem

In the United States, there are more cats than homes that want cats. This leads to friendly cats waiting too long at kill shelters being euthanized to make room for other cats.

People must wait weeks or months to surrender a cat at no-kill shelters. Because people expect immediate help, sometimes they abandon the cats outdoors. Most indoor cats don’t have the skills to live outdoors suddenly.

Adopting a cat (or two) and ensuring the cats are spayed or neutered can help reduce cat overpopulation.

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Cats Can Help With Pests (Probably)

Some cats are excellent hunters. If an unwanted mouse or chipmunk makes it into your home, there is a good chance that your cat will find it before you do.

Your cat can alert you to the issue, and hopefully, you can find a humane way to get the critter outdoors before your cat kills it.

However, some cats will not be interested.

Cats Are Low Maintenance

Compared to other pets, cats can require much less work on the part of the human.

Provide food, water, a clean litter box, and an annual vet checkup, and most cats are good to go. They will groom themselves too. Overweight cats or cats with long hair may benefit from having a human brush them occasionally.

Of course, if they develop health problems, they can become high maintenance. For example, my cat Kilala needed a thyroid pill twice daily for roughly the last three years of her life.

And currently, Charlotte gets a small dose of Miralax every day.

Cats Are Beautiful

Cats come in many different colors and breeds.

They can be beautiful to watch and look at. I like to admire their pretty coats and unique markings.

Hairless cats are my least favorite, but they are beautiful in their own way!

To Experience Love

If you spend enough time with a cat, they will usually love you in return. Cats will reward you by purring when you pet them.

The cat may show their love by giving you little head bunts to ask for your attention.

And cats learn to respond to individual voices. The outdoor cats recognize my voice when I call for them. I know they love me, as they run from everyone else!


These are the ten best reasons to get a cat based on my personal experience.

What are other reasons that someone should get a cat?

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Heidi Bender is the writer and founder of the Joy of Cats. She enjoys sharing cat information and providing helpful cat tips. She considers herself a cat lady and currently cares for eight cats.

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