Get Off The Cat Couch, Cat Lady

Jake surveyed the room below him. The cat lady was napping on the couch, his couch. “Why did she not sleep in her bed during the day?” he wondered.

Buster, the oldest cat in the home, was snuggled up next to the cat lady, also sleeping. “Why is he so cozy with her? She’s on the CAT couch,” Jake thought has he stared at her, hoping she would feel his gaze, wake up, and get off the couch.

Violet leaped onto the couch. Perhaps, she would disturb the cat lady, Jake hoped. Then Violet gently climbed onto the cat lady’s side and marched her front paws. The cat lady didn’t move. “How was she sleeping through that,” Jake thought with irritation.

And then, Jake could see the mailman approaching. Here was another chance for the cat lady to wake up so he could have the couch!

The mailman placed a few envelopes into the mailbox. With a clank the metal lid on the mailbox closed. She still didn’t move! Not even a flinch.

Meanwhile, Violet was now sleeping on the cat lady, enjoying the warmth of the cat lady. Jake decided to rest his eyes so he would still be aware when the cat lady moved.

A few hours later, the cat lady woke up from her nap. Jake noticed her approaching him. “You’re so cute,” the cat lady said, like she did several times each day. He knew that already.

He purred into her outstretched hand, thankful she was off the couch. Then, finally, he moved to the cat couch for a proper afternoon nap.

Three cats on the cat couch

About This Cat Story

Jake is our cat that is not a lap cat. He will sometimes snuggle up next to me while I’m on the couch if I sit on the couch when he is already there. But he rarely jump on the couch if I’m on the couch first. He is in the top picture on the cat tower.

Some of our cats enjoy their routine of sleeping on the couch most afternoons, usually without human presence. Cats like their routines!

Today’s story was made up of what Jake might think when I take an afternoon nap on the couch.

The bottom picture with three cats is Violet (gray), Elwood (orange – Jake’s twin), and Buster (orange and white).

About The Cat Story Series

I want to be a better writer. Like becoming better at anything, it takes practice. I am posting a short cat stories based on a photo, a writing prompt, a true story, or something I make up.

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Heidi Bender is the writer and founder of the Joy of Cats. She enjoys sharing cat information and providing helpful cat tips. She considers herself a cat lady and currently cares for eight cats.

2 thoughts on “Get Off The Cat Couch, Cat Lady”

  1. Last night, I looked all over for Elvis, who usually joins me on the bed at dinner-and-TV time. Finally I found him on the couch in the living room! No one usually goes in there, so it was kind of strange. In awhile, he came in and joined me.


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