Go Pet Club Cat Tree vs Frisco Cat Tree (72 in) Review

Three Go Pet Club Cat Trees lined a wall in our living for several years.

Recently, we replaced the towers with two Go Pet Club Cat Trees (a 72-inch and an 80-inch) and a Frisco Cat Tree 72-inch model.

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Frisco is Chewy’s brand of pet products. You’ll only be able to find the Frisco Cat Tree on Chewy.com. Go Pet Club is available on Amazon, Chewy, and perhaps local pet stores.

Most of the below post is about comparing the 72-inch models, but since we have the 80-inch next to the other cat trees, I’ve included a few comments about it as well.

The video below shows all three cat trees and some differences between them.

The 72 Inch Cat Trees

The Frisco and Go Pet Club 72 cat tree design are very similar. However, the cat trees are shipped in a box and must be assembled.

My husband put the cat trees together, so I’m unsure how long the assembly takes. However, the box includes instructions and all the tools you need for assembly.

The quality of the cat trees seemed to be the same.

What features are the same

  • Three perches
  • Two condos
  • 1 platform without a condo
  • The fabric felt similar. The black fabric shows more cat hair than the beige and gray models.
  • Toys hanging from the bottom of the top platform. I would NEVER base a purchase based on these toys as usually the cats detach them when playing with them. I also removed them from the Go Pet Club models as Nacho was biting the string instead of playing with the toy.
  • Tree post supports are a mix of faux free and sisal
  • Strudy
  • Strong enough for large cats (my largest cat is 16 pounds)
  • Fun for multipe cats
  • The height is NOT appropriate for younger kittens as they could injury themselves more easily if the jumped or fell from a perch.
Two cats on a Frisco Cat Tree
Elwood and Jake sitting on the Frisco Cat Tree

What features are different

  • The Frisco has a rope that hangs from the lower platform that the Go Pet Club 72 inch model does have (but it’s on the Go Pet Club 80 model).
  • The ramps are different. While both brands are covered with faux fur, Frisco’s ramp has sisal on it, whereas the Go Pet Club has little steps.
  • The condo construction of the Go Pet Club is solid on all sides. The walls for the Frisco model are fabric (and flexible).

The support posts on the Go Pet Club 72 inch model were 100% sisal when we bought them years ago. With our most recent purchase, a change was made so that they have a mix of the sisal and faux fur covering the posts.

If you want 100% sisal on the posts for your cat, the Go Pet Club 80-inch model that comes in beige (and NOT the other colors) is still 100% sisal (as of writing this post).

Go Pet Club Cat Tree with Sisal Posts and other cat trees with sisal and faux fur mix

A Note about the Ramps

We didn’t use the ramps as intended.

The stock photo below of the Go Pet Club 72 shows the ramps going from the floor to the 1st level and then from the 1st level to the 2nd level.

In our past experience, the cats did not use the ramps. So, this time around, we used the ramps to connect the cat towers (as you can see in the picture above). Doing this helped make the towers a bit more sturdy.

Go Pet Club 72

Go Pet Club 80 Inch Model

The Go Pet Club 80-inch model has a slightly different design than the 72-inch model.

We decided not to use the lower condo this time around. The cat condo post was not sturdy with our original tower. And the cats never went inside of it. So, we kept a platform from one of the old towers to put where the small condo was to go.

Also, the little basket was not used by any of our regular cats. However, Rocko, a cat we forested for a while, liked it.

The condo on the second level is larger than the second level condo on the 72-inch models.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree, 80-Inch, Beige

Cat Tree Cost

I noticed when shopping that the cost of the cat trees varied by color for both the Frisco and Go Pet Club brands.

And the price on Amazon and Chewy differed for the Go Pet Club cat trees for the exact same model.

So if you want to get the best price, make sure to check prices and colors on both Amazon and Chewy.

Use the links below to review prices on Amazon and Chewy

Chewy Frisco Cat Tree 72 inch

Chewy Go Pet Club 72 inch

Chewy Go Pet Club 80 inch

Amazon Go Pet Club 72 inch

Amazon Go Pet Club 80 inch

How Long Does A Cat Tree Last?

We’ve had cat trees last about four or five years.

Of course, how long they last will also depend on how often they are used.

The perches can become loose over time, making the perch less secure for the cat to rest on. Sometimes, the perches can be tightened.

We chose to replace our towers after a few perches broke off. Yes, you read that right. After years of use from the cats jumping on the perches, a couple of them snapped off (the cats were not injured).

Also, if your cat uses the posts for scratching, the sisal will eventually become loose and frayed and may unravel. You may be able to replace the sisal instead of the entire tower.

You can see how to clean a cat tree here.

Cat Tree Summary

The 72″ Go Pet Club Cat Tree, and the 72″ Frisco Cat Tree are similar in design. Both are sturdy and good for adult cats. The 80″ Go Pet Club Cat Tree is also a good choice.

Frisco is a Chewy brand available only from Chewy. Go Pet Club can be found on Amazon, Chewy, and other stores.

There are also shorter versions of cat trees made by Go Pet Club and Frisco.

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  1. Thanks for this review. I’ve been thinking of getting a second cat tree. The one I have has been used hard for well over 5 years–by my cats and a whole lot of fosters–and it’s still just as sturdy as it was the day it was delivered (completely assembled). I had two large adult cats here for several months, who would sleep together on the uppermost level; no wobbling at all! It was made by Molly and Friends, and although I’ve had to replace the sisal and some of the carpet is starting to wear, I’ve no complaints about it. But it was very expensive, and I don’t want to invest that much this time.

    BTW, I keep all the levels covered with pieces of fabric and towels, which makes it easy to sanitize things between foster cats. Don’t have to vacuum it much because of that, either. 🙂


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