Kitty Lawn Review: Ten Cats and a Racoon Tried It

I was sent a free Kitty Lawn for my cats to try out.

Kitty Lawn is a patch of grass that comes in a box. It is like turf, which I like. There is no loose dirt for the cats to dig in.

There are two sizes. My cats received the smaller size, 24 inches by 9 inches, which is about the same size as a regular cardboard cat scratcher.

I made a video review, too:

My Indoor Cats with the Kitty Lawn

The seven indoor cats enjoyed smelling the Kitty Lawn. They were reluctant to sit on it.

I tried placing the Kitty Lawn in several areas near where the cats usually sit.

Sometimes, they would sit right next to it but not on it.

Using Catnip

The Kitty Lawn site suggested sprinkling catnip onto the grass. This strategy worked for some of my cats.

A couple of them took turns sitting on the box after adding catnip. However, at least during the day, they did not sit on it for significant lengths of time.

Some of them liked eating the catnip out of the grass, smelling it, and rolling in it.

Cat Sitting in Kitty Lawn Box
Photo Credit: Heidi Bender/The Joy of Cats.

The Outdoor Cats with the Kitty Lawn

After about ten days, I put the Kitty Lawn on the deck to see what the outdoor cats would do with it.

Pork Chop, our orange/white tabby cat, was afraid of it at first. However, he is afraid of most things new and does not do well with change in general.

The trail camera caught him interacting with the Kitty Lawn during the night.

Also, on the camera was a random visiting cat that rolled around in the box. There is a clip of this cat in the review video.

I was also surprised to see a raccoon checking out the Kitty Lawn.

I suspect the outdoor cats and raccoons were interested because of the catnip.

Raccoon Smelling Kitty Lawn
Photo Credit: Heidi Bender/The Joy of Cats.

How Long Does a Kitty Lawn Last

The Kitty Lawn will not last forever. Slowly, it will start to dry up. In the review video, you can show how it shrinks over time.

Even though the grass may not be fresh, your cat might continue to lie on it. How long the Kitty Lawn lasts will depend on your climate and placement (sun vs. shade).

Our Kitty Lawn lasted about two weeks before it seemed to dry up.

Kitty Lawn doesn’t recommend watering the Kitty Lawn often, and perhaps not at all, as most cats don’t enjoy

How To Get a Kitty Lawn

There are two ways that I found so far to get a Kitty Lawn.

You can order directly from the Kitty Lawn website. They offer one-time purchases and also subscription plans.

You can also order a box on Amazon. Links to Amazon are my affiliate links. I will earn a commission if you use my link to purchase.

Overall Impression of Kitty Lawn

My indoor cats enjoyed the novelty of something new in the house to investigate.

Once catnip was added, they smelled it, and a couple of them laid on it. It was fun to watch them interact with it.

However, since none of my indoor cats laid on it regularly, I am not signing up for a subscription.

The outdoor cats, who have access to grass 24/7, only seemed interested because of the catnip.

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  1. Cat grass is a good idea , hope your cats will all like it soon. Your cats are all pretty and have a good life with you.


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