PetSafe Drinkwell 360 Stainless Steel Fountain Review

The PetsSafe Drinkwell 360 Stainless Steel water fountain is not my favorite fountain for my cats.

The fountain is good, but it is not as quiet as my favorite (the Drinkwell Seascape) and takes up more space.

My review will follow the story.

So why did I get the Drinkwell 360?

Here’s the story. My senior cat, Lina, decided at age 17 that she would only drink water from the bathroom sink or the kitchen sink.

She stopped drinking from our two Seascape fountains and the random bowls of water in a few places throughout the house.

She has been drinking out of the bathroom sink for years, but demanding drinks from the kitchen sink was a newer request.

The kitchen counter is too high for her to jump onto from the floor, but she took the opportunity to jump off a nearby cat carrier. And then she would ask by putting her lips on the faucet.

Lina drinking from the kitchen sink was not ideal as the faucet lets out too much water at one time to just leave it running. For a few months, we had left the bathroom sink faucet running overnight (and when she was awake during the day).

Lina, my cat, drinking from bathroom sink
Lina, drinking from the bathroom sink.

Drinking from the bathroom sink is not as cute as it once was. Lina’s balance hasn’t been great lately, and she sometimes slips off the bathroom sink.

With the number of faucets available for cats (and other pets), I started searching for one where the water mimicked water coming out of a faucet.

And I discovered the Drinkwell 360 water flows out of the top of the tower, similar to a faucet.

Lina was interested in the Drinkwell right away, but it took her 3-4 weeks to adjust to only using the fountain instead of the sinks. After a couple of weeks, we stopped giving her drinks in sinks, and she would go to the fountain.

I made a video to go along with the review if you want to see the fountain in action. Towards the end, I roughly explain how to assemble it (not all the steps, but maybe enough for you to see how it’s done).

Petsafe Drinkwell 360 Review

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The Drinkwell 360 comes in plastic or stainless steel. I choose the stainless model as some of our cats may have skin issues from plastic bowls.

My remarks below are for the stainless steel model, as I have not tried the plastic version. I only review items that I have used or my cats have used.

Most of this review will be comparing the Drinkwell 360 to the Seascape (which is my current favorite cat fountain).

What I don’t like so much

  • As mentioned previously, the fountain takes up more space than other fountains with a diameter of about 15 inches. We’ve only accidentally kicked it once or twice!
  • Due to the size, it doesn’t sit nicely in my kitchen sink when cleaning it.
  • Assembly is a bit complicated. You’ll want to keep your instruction manual in case you need to refer to it when assembling it after cleaning it.
  • It’s hard to see the min and max lines for the water level. You must have the water above the minimum line so that the water pump isn’t damaged. But I am getting better at eyeballing when it needs to have more water added.
  • The water flowing from the top into the basin can be loud, depending on which piece for how many streams and the flow setting (I know, some people like too loud and to hear water running).
  • The pump sounds are not quite as muffled as with the Seascape.
Petsafe Drinkwell min max lines
Petsafe Drinkwell min max lines

What I like

  • The amount of water coming out at the top can be adjusted.
  • The design is neat how it mimics a water faucet.
  • My cat Lina will drink from it!
  • More than one cat can drink from it at a time.
  • The power cord comes apart, which means the plug can stay in the wall while taking the fountain to the sink to clean it.

More Comments about the fountain

Lina is my only cat using this fountain regularly. The other eight cats continue to use water bowls and the other fountains.

I think more of them would switch to this fountain if it replaced an old fountain and in the same location as the fountain it would replace. They seem to be sticking to what they know. This could change over time as they get used to seeing the know (cats like routine!).

The fountain should be cleaned every week or so, replacing all the water. And the filters will also need to be changed when needed (probably at least once a month – Drinkwell may recommend more often).

Cat water fountains can help your cat drink more and keep the water fresher than stagnant water in a bowl.

And remember to clean the pump too! It will last longer if you do. You can watch this video for how to clean it (It’s the same pump as the Seascape model).

If you are ordering online, you may want to check prices on both Amazon and Chewy.

Overall, the fountain is good and has a unique design. I would choose the Seascape over the 360 since it’s quieter, but my cat Lina prefers the 360.

When Lina died, we decided to not keep this fountain as we didn’t notice any of the other cats using the fountain. They just kept drinking from our Seascapes.

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