My Favorite Quiet Cat Water Fountain for My Indoor Cats

As with most of my reviews of cat things, I do not feel comfortable saying which fountain is “best” as I have not tried all of the pet drinking fountains that are available.

As of  Septemeber 2023, my favorite quiet water fountain for the cats is the Petsafe Creekside model. My previous preferred model was the Petsafe Drinkwell Seascape fountain!

While both models are very quiet, I can’t say they are the quietest models since we’ve only tried a handful of the cat water fountains that are available.

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PetSafe Creekside vs Seascape

Both models function in the same way. The pump and carbon filter as also the same. Both are very quiet, without running water noises, which is important to me.

The Creekside has slightly less water capacity at 60 ounces, compared to the 70 ounces of the Seascape.

The biggest difference is the shape of the basin. The Creekside has softer angles and is more like a triangle than a rectangle. As a result, the cat has more space to get a drink from the basin in the Creekside model.

Below, the Seascape model is on the left and the Creekside on the right.

Other Fountains We’ve Tried

In the fall of 2020, I added a PetSafe Drinkwell 360 Stainless Steel fountain to our home as Lina decided she didn’t want to use the Seascapes (we have two) anymore. You can read that story in my review of the Drinkwell 360.

Also, since some cats can have an allergy to plastic, we decided on a ceramic model (we have used plastic models previously).

Here is the original video of the Seascape video to show you how quiet the fountain is and how to assemble the fountain.

Why I love the Creekside and Seascape Fountains

The reasons that I like both fountains are very similar. The Creekside model wins out for me, due to the shape of the water basin.

#1 ​The fountain is quiet!

The pump is the quietest pump we have tried so far. The ceramic design may also reduce the noise (I am not a sound expert).

Previously, we had the Drinkwell Pagoda fountain, but it wasn’t quiet enough for me as the water could be heard flowing into the water basin.

The trick to make it quiet is to put a 5″ plate or small bowl under the lip of the fountain. Then the water gently slides down the bowl or plate into the holding dish. You can see how this worked in my old video from 2017.

Our previous models have included Petmate Deluxe models (their small one and a larger-sized model) and Drinkwell Platinum. ​Perhaps, the vibration was different from the plastic as they were never as quiet as the ceramic fountains.

The water flow of the Seascape and Creekside models is very quiet. The centerpiece is a round dome and the water quietly flows into the basin.

Pagoda is on the left with the bowl trick to make the water flow quietly. The Seascape model is on the right.

​#2 ​Cleaning the PetSafe fountains is easy

This model has been easy to clean. The instructions say that the ceramic bowl and piece covering the parts are dishwasher safe.

So far, we have only hand-washed the fountain. I do not recommend putting any of the plastic or rubber parts in the dishwasher.

The fountain is easy to unassemble and put back together. Other models we have tried, had plastic parts that needed to click into place. The Seascape feels like less of a challenge to get the parts re-aligned.

The pump can be cleaned too. The faceplate can be removed and some of the internal components can be cleaned. You can watch this video for a demonstration. Sometimes cat hair will make it through the foam filter, which can slow down the water flow.

Before using the carbon filter for the first time (or when you replace it), be sure to run some water through it first. Otherwise, the gray dust will disperse into the water fountain.

#3 ​Topping off the water fountains is easy

The water bowl level is maintained at the full level by adding more water. This can be done by taking a cup of water and adding it to the fountain. There isn’t a separate holding container to remove and refill.

I find taking water to the fountain more convenient than having to remove a piece to refill.

The capacity of the Seascape basin is large at 70 ounces. The capacity of the Creekside model is 60 ounces.

There are other fountains with higher capacity but the 70 ounces is more than enough for one day for all my cats as we have two fountains and other bowls for them as well.

Remember to change the cat’s water in the fountain completely as needed.

#4 ​The cats like it!

Most of my cats like the fountains. We currently have two. We also have a few regular bowls throughout the house for their convenience, but most of the cats prefer the fountain.

Some of the cats will drink from the basin next to the center dome, others lick the dome, and sometimes they drink directly from the center where the water is pumping out.

The reason I like the Creekside model more than the Seascape is that the Creekside has more room between the dome and the edge of the bowl, for the cats that want to drink from the basin.

Cat drinking from the PetSafe Creekside  Fountain.
Charlotte drinking from the PetSafe Creekside Fountain.

More Cat Water Fountain Information

  • The carbon filters are available as a Subscribe and Save item on Amazon! You can select how often you want to receive new filters. The manual has the recommended replacement frequency.
  • Cat water fountains are one way to help your cats drink more water. We started using fountains many years ago when crystals were found in Buster’s urine.
  • Your cat may play in or splash water out of the water bowl. My twins, Jake and Elwood, are the usual culprits in my home. You may want to place the fountain on a mat or something to help keep your floor dry.
  • Remember to change the filters!
  • If the water level gets too low, the pump will burn out. Also, the pump will eventually wear out from regular use. Petsafe uses the same pump for several fountain models.
  • If you are looking for a stainless steel water fountain, this Pioneer model is quiet. We had this model for a year or more until I didn’t follow the instructions and put the plastic parts in the dishwasher (on the top shelf!). They melted just enough to prevent reassembly.
  • The usual advice is to place water bowls and food bowls not next to each other. We did for years, but since The Internet is full of cat advice, the general recommendation seems to be to place food and water in separate locations.

Quiet Cat Water Fountain Summary

My current favorite cat water fountain, as of September 2023, is the Petsafe Drinkwell Creekside model.

My second favorite quiet cat water fountain is the Petsafe Drinkwell Seascape fountain. The ceramic dome design results in smooth water flow in both models. Also, the pump isn’t noisy. I prefer the basin of the Creekside over the Seascape. The cats drink from both.

I recommend checking the prices on Amazon and Chewy. When I purchase the Creekside model, it cost less than the Seascape.

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  1. We’re on our second basic Drinkwell fountain. The design has improved, but it uses the same filters, which is great because I bought out the supply from a small cat-related business a couple of years back when they switched to the fancy, expensive fountains. We love our Drinkwell! I take it apart and clean it weekly, per manufacturer instructions — it is easy and quick. I add a glass of water daily, because even with the supply, I want to make sure the fill level is good.

  2. Thank you for doing the review. I’m looking for a cat water fountain that is quiet and your video was really helpful!


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