Wearing a cat dress to church

Nearly every Sunday I attend services at a local church. Given my love of cats and having an excessive number of cat t-shirts, I usually wear a cat t-shirt to church.

Usually, I am the only woman wearing any kind of t-shirt. So last week for Easter, I decided to step up my style while still showing my love of cats by wearing a cat-themed dress!

My church friends know that I am a cat lady and notice when I’m not wearing cat-themed clothing.

As I learned when wearing a different cat shirt every day last October, cat t-shirts can be a way to start a conversation. Many people (not only at church), that I had never spoken to before (sometimes stranger) read my shirts and made a comment.

At church recently, I was wearing a cat t-shirt (I’m struggling to remember which one!). Because of this shirt, I learned that another family has seven cats (five of them are kittens that may be rehomed eventually). ​

Dress available on Amazon (picture is an affiliate link for the cat dress)

The dress was a huge hit!​ And several people noticed I wasn’t wearing another cat t-shirt.

Cat Dress as a uniform

This week I listened to an episode of the Happier Podcast. ​The idea of having a uniform was discussed.

The idea is by wearing the same or very similar clothing every day leads to having fewer decisions to make. And less time spent figuring out what to wear!

You know what you are going to be wearing each day. It’s simple. I like the idea of doing this.

This particular dress (affiliate link) comes in my different patterns and colors. The dress was comfortable too. ​I could order two or three more to wear to church on Sundays as my church “uniform”.

Having a cat dress uniform feels fun to me!

​Do you have a cat-themed “uniform” that you like to wear?

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Heidi has been living with cats since 2003 and loves to talk about cats. She currently has seven indoor cats and two outdoor cats. She also is also a cat artist.

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