21 Signs That You Are A Cat Lady

Are you a cat lady? Let’s find out.

The number of cats you have doesn’t determine if you are a cat lady. How many cats is too many varies for each person and their situation.

And, the old stigma of a crazy cat lady being a single, older lady with many cats is has lessened in recent years. However, you still may enjoy watching the montage of the crazy cat lady featured in The Simpsons.

The modern cat lady takes cat ownership to the next level. The cat is more than a pet living in the background of your life.

And, since 2017, April 19 has been National Cat Lady Day.

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How do you know if your a cat lady?

Here are signs that you may be a cat lady in no particular order.

If you meet the criteria for even one of the conditions below, I’d say you are a cat lady (or guy)!

1. You plan your schedule around your cat’s rountine

Does your cat expect cat treats at a specific time of the day?

Do you go out of your way to be home when your cat expects wet food for dinner? If you plan your evening out to take place only after your cat has had its feast, you may be a cat lady.

2. Your cat has it’s own Instgram account

Have you made an Instagram or other social media account to share pictures of your cats?

Does the world see more pictures of your cats than you or your human family?

3. You’ve been gifted the Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

Someone gave you the cat lady action figure as they think you are a cat lady. It’s all about perception. Even if you do not feel you are a cat lady, someone in your life does!

The box says it comes with six cats (not including those in the robe pockets). You can have fewer cats than the action figure and still be a cat lady.

Consider receiving the cat lady action figure a compliment!

4. You have cat themed clothing or accessories

Do you have a drawer full of t-shirts with cats on them? I do! When I launched this blog, I wore a different cat shirt for 31 days.

Do you proudly wear “Everyday is Caturday” clothing? Do your socks feature cats?

How about favorite cat earrings or a necklace?

Have you replaced all of your hand towels in your kitchen and bathroom with cat-themed hand towels?

Do you have a cat-themed mug on your desk?

5. Only pictures of cats taken when visiting someone

When going to a kid’s birthday party, a holiday party, or any other reason you might visit someone, you only take pictures of their cats.

Sure the kids are cute, but did you see the super cute cat?

Most of your memories of the party center around the cat. Whose birthday was it?

6. You narrate your day to your cat

Your cat knows everything about you because you tell your cat everything.

You announce to your cat your every move, including going to the bathroom, getting a drink, and discussing reality TV shows with them.

You may also appoint a cat to be in charge of the house (or other cats) just before leaving home.

7. You’re well known for having a cat

All your friends, family, coworkers, and random acquaintances know that you have cats.

You are commonly asked, “How are your cats?” And you have plenty to share about your cats.

You ignore social signals and keep on talking about your cats.

8. You’ve had a birthday party for your cat

You celebrate your cat’s birthday or adoption anniversary with cake (for the humans) and extra treats for the cat.

You may have invited guests to celebrate your cat, preferably the other cat ladies or guys.

9. Your happy when only it’s only poo next to the litter box

When your cat misses the litter box, you say, “At least it’s only poo!” because it’s so much easier to clean up than a urine miss.

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10. You’ve experienced feline paralysis

Feline paralysis is a temporary condition where you wait as long as possible to use the bathroom because a cat is on you. 

11. You’ve accepted your loss of privacy

When you go to the bathroom, you expect the cat to follow you and supervise you. But, instead, there is no more closing of the bathroom door.

12. The bed doesn’t get made

When a cat is cozy on your bed, you don’t make the cat move.

You can remember the last time you’ve made the bed as your cats love to nap on your bed.

Cats on unmade beds

13. You’ve been late and blamed the cat

My favorite reason for being late is because the cat was holding me down. It’s hard to move when a cat sleeps on you (see #10 above).

Or maybe your cat demanded food, treats, or a conversation just as you were about to head out, delaying you. Cats first!

14. You’ve rescued a cat

You may or may not have kept the cat or kittens. If you didn’t keep it, you helped rehome the cat.

It’s also possible that you fostered kittens until they were big enough to be away from their mom cat.

You don’t turn away a cat in need!

15. You have thousands of cats pictures on your phone

When buying your latest phone, you purchased extra memory to have room for thousands of cat pictures. 

You’re prepared when someone asks (or doesn’t ask, lol) to see pictures of your cats.

16. You’re assumed to be a cat expert

Really you’re an expert about the problems your cats have had, but you are asked about other people’s random cat issues.

Sometimes you recommend that they ask their veterinarian or a cat behaviorist. But, you can cat talk about it when you’ve had experience with the issue. And then talk about it some more (see #7 above).

17. You’re morning alarm clock is a cat

The cat lets you know when it’s time for breakfast by poking you in the face to wake you up.

The cat isn’t about to be fed late. So you comply, reinforcing this morning routine.

18. You’ve put up cat shelves on the wall

Cat shelves have been placed on your walls to give the cats more vertical space.

Cats on Cat Shelves

19. You’ve learned that carpet is the worst

The cat seems to go out of its way to vomit on the carpet.

Removing messes from the carpet makes you hate the carpet. Every time you wonder if you got it all.

You’ve determined that carpet is the worst flooring choice when you have cats.

20. You include a letter about your cats in your Christmas card

Surely everyone wants to know your cat’s yearly highlights.

21. You’re obsessed with any neighborhood cat you see

When you go for a walk, you pet any cat that approaches you. You know cats well enough to give them their space and not approach them. A feral cat may stare at you intensely from a bush.

You take pictures of the cats you see in the windows. You don’t care if you look like a creepy stalker. You need a picture of that adorable cat watching your every step.

Are you a cat lady?

The list above will help you decide if you are a cat lady (or guy).

If any of the cat lady signs listed above, you are a cat lady. Of course, there are many other signs that you may be a cat lady. This is just a short list!

I hope you are a cat lady!

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Heidi Bender is the writer and founder of the Joy of Cats. She enjoys sharing cat information and providing helpful cat tips. She considers herself a cat lady and currently cares for eight cats.

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