2021 Annual Holiday Cat Letter

For this year’s cat letter, I used one of my paintings for the physical card.

The card (along with lots of my other art) is on Redbubble. I ordered the greeting cards from there.

This year, I didn’t put Merry Christmas on the card (like last year) so that I could use extra cards for thank you notes or other notes outside of Christmas.

Along with the letter, I included a photo collage of all my cats, which you can see following the letter.

2021 Cat Letter

Dear Friends,

I hope this letter finds you happy and healthy.

We started 2021 with the loss of Lina. She had slowly declined for months, and we let her go on January 7. She would have been 18 in February. She lived a long, happy life!

Then, also in January, we rescued a friendly stray cat that made its way to our yard. Unfortunately, he was skinny and not used to being outside. Thankfully, the Humane Society was able to find a home for him.

In the summer, Charcoal, one of the outdoor cats, was very sick with fluid in his lungs. After a week of treatment in the cat playpen in the garage, he recovered.

In August, the indoor cats and Heidi contracted ringworm. Heidi likely brought inside infected hair from one of the outdoor cats that probably had ringworm in May. We are hoping to be ringworm-free by January.

In the fall, Heidi helped a friend Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), a new outdoor cat in the friend’s yard, by providing transport to the clinic. Helping outdoor cats get fixed helps reduce cat overpopulation and the number of kittens born outdoors.

Heidi continues to enjoy painting landscapes and adding cats into them. She painted the image on the card and the scene at the bottom of this letter.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Heidi and Ted

Photo collage of cats

Thank you to everyone that follows my cats and my life with cats!

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  1. What a beautiful card and cat letter, Heidi! Wishing you all a wonderful holiday and may 2022 be a safe, healthy, happy, and prosPURRous year for your family.


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