2018 Annual holiday card letter written by a cat lady!

Have you ever wondered what an annual holiday letter would be like if it was written by a cat lady about her cats? If you are not familiar with holiday card letters, some families include a letter in Christmas (or other holiday) cards.

The letter, written on holiday-themed paper,  usually shares new baby announcements (this could be kids or grandkids), major health problems, vacations, graduations, weddings, etc. You get the idea!

Below is the 2018 letter. Read the 2019 letter here! And the 2020 letter here.  You can read 2021 here.

Here’s my Christmas letter, written about my cats, without saying in the letter that they are cats.

Annual Christmas Letter

The letter says:


Another year is nearly complete. We hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!

We added Charlotte to the family in July. After fostering her for two days, Ted decided that she should join our family. Her introduction to the others would have been smoother if done slower, but recently there has been much less friction. Charlotte likes to cook with Heidi!

Kilala continues to be on thyroid medication. We had a scare with her this year as she got sick while we were on a short vacation. Thankfully, she recovered. She lost some weight, so she’s getting a daily extra food portion.

Lina is as spoiled as ever and demands daily drinks from the sink. She had another year without allergy problems, so it seems that she outgrew the allergy issues.

The twins, Jake and Elwood, continue to be chatty boys. They love to play and chase each other, and whoever else will put up with their chasing!

Buster will be getting two teeth out early next year due to lesions discovered recently! He still goes by the nickname Big Boy even as a senior.

In late November, Nacho decided that she wanted to be friendly with Ted and me. She will visit us now when we are on the couch. Ted seems to be her favorite.

Violet needed her anal glands expressed this year. That was a gross, first time experience. The condition was not painful for her and she’s becoming a little more social every year.

Taco is as loving as ever with Ted and me. He’s a bit fearful for Charlotte (due to an unknown incident that happened during our annual vacation), but their relationship is improving!

Charcoal joined Midnight this year and they have become best friends. Pork Chop also likes to visit with them, but he is nervous about eating in front of me.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!Heidi and Ted


P.S. Lina, Kilala, Buster, Violet, Jake, Elwood, Taco, Nacho, and Charlotte are our indoor cats. Midnight, Charcoal, and Pork Chop are cats coming to our yard for food and shelter. You can meet them all here.

Ted and I don’t have any human children and only went on 1 vacation this year. When not working, we spend most of our time at home with the cats. I did TNR for 22 cats in 2018.  You can learn more about TNR from Alley Cat Allies.

Hello From the GillespiesA few years ago, I read the book Hello From the Gillespies (Amazon affiliate link). It’s about a mother who writes a draft of a Christmas letter with all of the family problems (many Christmas letters share only positives about the family). And then she accidentally sends it without realizing it. I enjoyed reading it!

I like reading annual year-end letters sent in holiday cards (I don’t get sent any, but I read many sent to my parents). So I thought it would be fun to write a Christmas letter about the cats but never refer to them as cats in the letter. You can see my favorite cat-themed Christmas cards here.

Do you send out an annual holiday letter? Do you mention your cats? 

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Heidi Bender is the writer and founder of the Joy of Cats. She enjoys sharing cat information and providing helpful cat tips. She considers herself a cat lady and currently cares for eight cats.

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  1. What a GREAT holiday newsletter, Heidi! No, we don’t have holidays at this time and don’t send out newsletters at any time, but I’m aware of this custom and think yours is the best! May you all enjoy your holidays and we send best wishes for you all for the 2019 Year!


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