The Easy Way to Make Cat-shaped food

The easiest way to make cat-shaped food is to use cat-shaped cookie cutters, molds, and cake pans.

These items will make the food shaped like cats, but will not be as beautiful as cat-shaped food made by food artists unless of course, you have expert decorating skills, which might make you a food artist

I am not a food artist, so using items already in cat shapes makes it easy when I want to take cat-shaped food to potlucks.

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Using cat shaped cookie cutters

Obviously, cat-shaped cookie cutters can be used to make cookies. But I didn’t want to take cookies to my potluck. I decided to make the Liar Bar recipe from the Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans cookbook. It’s very similar to the Liar Balls recipe on the Nom Nom website.

This recipe uses dates, nuts, and coconut flakes. I’ve had better success with Medjool dates than dates that aren’t Medjool.

I have 4 different cat-shaped cookies cookie cutters. One cutter was from the November 2016 Cat Lady Box. Another (not used in the picture above) was from a local store, and I don’t remember where the other two are from. There are many choices on Amazon.


  • Most flat foods, that are at least somewhat soft, can be cut into cat shapes with cookie cutters.
  • Sticky foods, like the date bars, might get stuck in the cutter, especially with tight corners and smaller sections of the cutter (as shown in the image below). Using coconut oil on the cutter may help food to not stick to it.
  • Cat cookie cutters came in different sizes, and cat poses.
  • Some smaller cutters seem to only come in sets that include other shapes besides cats. A local bakeshop may have cat cookie cutters sold individually of all sizes.
  • If cat tails are missing,  you can call it a Manx or bobtail cat!
  • Missing the tip of an ear? Call it an “ear-tipped” community cat.
date bar stuck in cutter
cat outline from a cookie cutter

Cucumber cat sandwiches

My other attempt at cat-shaped food was using two slices of cucumbers to make a sandwich with hummus between the slices. I found a large cucumber that worked with my smallest cat cookie cooker.

It all seemed good until I got the potluck! The cucumbers had turned to mush, probably from the hummus. In retrospect, the hummus should have been served on the side!

cucumber cat shaped sandwich

Do you have a favorite cat-shaped cookie cutter or other items? Are there any items you’d like me to try and review?

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