Cat Egg Mold (Funny Side UP) Review

The Fred Funny Side UP cat egg mold adds a little fun to sunny side up eggs.

This cat face egg model has worked every time for me. Sometimes, a little bit of the egg whites come out under the mold, but that may not happen with pans that are slightly larger than the one I use.

You can watch my demo of making the eggs in the video below. Lina is my cat that is in the video with me.

Cat Egg Model Instructions

Below, you can see the instructions that came in the box.

Cat Egg Mold Instructions

The timing per the instructions (3 to 5 minutes) has been accurate each time I have made the eggs. I have always covered the eggs, which seems to help them cook evenly. And start checking them after three minutes. The temperature of your pan will determine how long your eggs need to be cooked.

I don’t know what the result would be if the pan were not covered. It may just take a little longer for the eggs to cook.

My preference is for the egg yolks to be slightly runny. And I seem to get a better result when using the mold vs. not (maybe because the pan is covered – I am not sure).

The box says the mold is microwave safe, but I haven’t tried it in the microwave.

Cooking Tips

One change that I make is to use coconut oil instead of cooking spray. Cooking spray is not a product that I use when cooking. The coconut oil works fine (for me), and the eggs do not stick to the mold or the frying pan.

The instructions do not say this, and maybe it’s obvious to the cook, but there are a top and a bottom to the cat face. The “nose” has a raised piece of silicone that can be used to remove the mold once the eggs are cooked.

For the “eyes,” I’ve tried cracking the eggs directly into the circles and have had mixed results. Taking the extra time (and dishes) to put each into a bowl is worth it. I am less likely to break an egg yolk when breaking the eggs into separate dishes.

If you want the cat to look as cute as it does on the box, you’ll also need to make bacon for the ears and bow tie.

The mold is dishwasher safe. To be safe, I’ve always put it on the top shelf.

Overall Review

The Funny Side UP cat egg model works as advertised. I’ve used it many times to make cat face shaped eggs.

The novelty of using it has worn off as I’ve had this mold since December 2018. It’s definitely fun to use, but sometimes it feels like too much hassle.

I do not have any human children, but I could see how this might make breakfast more fun for them for many months. And there are eggs molds now for different animals and other shapes.

This mold may also make for a fun gift for the cat lover in your life!

You can get the egg model here on Amazon (affiliate link) or directly from Fred (the prices were not the same the day I wrote this post).

There are other companies that make similar molds. I have only tried the Fred Funny Side UP.

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