SleekEZ vs. Furminator vs. Zoom Groom for cats review

There are many grooming tools available for cats.  In this review, I will share the three brushes I use for grooming my indoor cats: the SleekEZ, Furminator, and Zoom Groom. For the outdoor cats, I am currently using the Magic Coat.

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To see a demonstration of the SleekEZ, Furminator, and Zoom Groom please watch the video below.

What’s not covered

My indoor cats have mostly short hair. Since I only write reviews on products I have used (or the cats have used), I will not be able to cover long hair cats.

Also, my indoor cats rarely get mattes, I cannot say how these tools work with mattes.

Midnight, the overweight outdoor cat, has an issue with mattes. He tends to get them near his rear during the winter when it’s too cold for me to brush him regularly.

In early spring, the vet shaves them out and then I brush him regularly so that he doesn’t get the large mats. The Magic Coat is able to remove very small mattes (it pulls them out) before they get too large to manage. You can see me remove small mats from Charlotte here.

The Magic Coat removes hair well from the cat. I am not including it in my review below, as it was not included in my comparison video.

Magic Coat with cat hair

4 Reasons to Brush Your Cat

  • Brushing your cat removes dead hair and any extra or excessive hair that is hanging about
  • The cat may enjoy it!
  • Your cat will consume less hair when grooming themselves, leading to fewer hairballs. My cat Charlotte doesn’t like to vomit, so sometimes too much hair leads to her becoming constipated.
  • Regular brushing can help prevent mattes from forming.
  • Read more grooming tips from the ASPCA.

My best advice is to brush your cat’s coat in the same direction that their fur grows. Don’t go against the grain!

Large mattes should not be pulled off your cat as this can be quite painful for your cat. If mattes are not easily dislodged, you may want to take your cat to the groomer or the vet to have them shaved off. As mentioned above, Midnight’s are shaved off in the spring.

The SleekEZ for Cats

The SleekEZ comes in multiple sizes. I have the small size for my cats and did not know about the large sizes until writing this review.

The small size seems fine. The wood handle holds a serrated blade. The tiny teeth remove hair when brushing the cat. It is effective in removing excess hair from my cat’s coat.

The blade seems dangerous as the jagged is very sharp. There is nothing provided to cover the blade when not in use. I would not recommend having a SleekEZ around children as seems like it could easily cut someone if used to strike them (or even if it fell onto a toe).

SleekEZ Original Deshedding Grooming Tool for Dogs, Cats & Horses - Undercoat Brush for Short & Long Hair - Painlessly Remove 95% of Loose Hair, Fur & Dirt - Easy to Clean - USA Made - (2.5 inch)

The FURminator for Cats

The FURminator is my favorite brushing tool out of the tools reviewed in this post. It comes in different sizes and there are models for short hair and long hair.

I have only used the short hair models. To see the difference between the small and large brush read my large vs. small size review. Also, since I purchased my FURminator, they have released a new design. The functionality looks the same.

The FURmintaor uses a small stainless steel comb-like blade to remove hair. The teeth of the comb are not sharp.

The feature I really like is the button on the back of it that ejects the collected hair. The collected hair mostly stays in the teeth of the comb, making it easier to contain. When ejected it’s easy to dispose of the hair directly in the trash or into a paper towel.

Also, the handle makes the tool easy to grip. I feel confident using this deshedding tool on my cats.

Zoom Groom for Cats

The Zoom Groom is made out of flexible rubber. Since the points of the “teeth” can bend, I found that I need to use a bit more pressure for the tool to get the undercoat and loose fur off of my cat.

My husband prefers the Zoom Groom over the SleekEZ and FURminator.

A downside of this brush is that the hair isn’t contained well in the brush. The loose cat hair seems to build up near my cat’s tail.

There are not any sharp points, and I do not have any safety concerns about leaving it lay around.

I do not think this tool would be effective at removing matted cat hair.

KONG - Cat ZoomGroom

Cost Comparison

In general, the Zoom Groom cost the least. The SleekEZ (for the small size) is in the middle, and The FURminator has the highest price. Since prices can change, you will need to check the site to see their current price.

Sometimes you can find a deal on Amazon or Chewy if you want to order online. And I’ve noticed that the prices at my local store can also vary. So you may want to shop around to get the best deal.

Click the brand here to check the Chewy price: SleekEZ, FURMinator, and Zoom Groom.

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All three of the brushes were effective in removing loose hair and undercoat from my cats with short hair. I was not able to cover long hair cats due to not having a cat with long hair for testing (and I don’t summarize the reviews from other sites). Also, mattes have not been an issue with my indoor cats.

Out of these three brushes, the FURminator is my favorite due to its ease of use with the comfortable handle and collection of hair in the blade teeth.

The SleekEZ may pose a safety issue (when not using it) because of the very sharp tiny teeth.

The Zoom Groom took more effort for me to use, but my husband likes it the best of these three.

If someone in real life were to ask me which cat brush I recommend, I would reply with “The FURminator”.

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