Printsfield cat socks review (includes a discount code)

Printsfield gave me a pair of cat socks in exchange for this review.

I love cat socks and have more than 20 pairs and was happy to add another pair to my collection. 

Printsfield socks (and other products) are customized with a picture that you provide. I choose the Cat Mash socks. 

I also made a video review:

The Cat Mash Sock

I choose Charlotte's image for the sock. There is an option to provide 2 or 3 pictures for the same sock for an additional cost. There are guidelines for the size and clarity of the image.

Below,  you can see the picture I submitted and the final result on the socks. 

Charlotte's picture next to the cat mash socks

Charlotte's picture next to the cat mash socks

One design aspect that surprised me is that Charlotte's image is flipped in some of her pictures on the sock. If you look closely, you can see that the larger white spot under her left eye, switches to the other side (and so does the tipped ear).

I ordered a size medium. If I had followed the sizing guide on the website, I probably would have ordered small, which may have felt too small. 

The socks are comfortable to wear, but I can say I haven't done an entire day of walking in them yet due to the current stay at home order in Michigan.

There are several options for cat socks other than the Cat Mash.

Cost of the socks

The socks are about $19 at the time of writing this article. The prices listed on the website are in Euros, so you may need to use a currency converter calculator to get the price in your currency. 

I also noticed that the socks seemed to be shown at a higher price (around $35) and then marked on sale. This seems like a marketing tactic (which is fine) as $35 would be a lot for one pair of socks, even with them being customized. 

Since they are customized, these cat socks will cost more than generic cat socks with a random clip art image. 

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The socks took two weeks from the day I ordered to the day they arrived. I live in the United States. The website states that shipping takes longer to other countries. 

The delivery time is something to keep in mind if you want to get a pair as a gift. Last-minute shopping isn't going to work. Customized products take time to create. I received an email once the order was shipped. 

Summary and Discount code

Overall, the socks are nice cat socks. They could make a purrfect gift for a cat lover in your life or you could treat yourself.

You can view the Prinstfield collection of cat socks here.  Use Printsfield discount code thejoyofcats20 to save 20%

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