Redbubble Mug Review and More!

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Redbubble is a print-on-demand site. Artists (sellers) upload images that are printed onto whatever product(s) that a customer chooses. The choices include shirts, mugs, greeting cards, bags, pillows, blankets, coasters, art prints, and many more items.

My first experience with Redbubble was when my niece started to sell her art. I purchased her amazing elephant design on a mug and note cards.

Then, I decided to design cat shirts, starting with digital designs. And now my cat art as well (original works are done with acrylic paint on canvas).

Redbubble Classic Mug

I have two of the Redbubble classic mugs so far. They have been perfect for my daily hot chocolate. At first, the handle didn’t get hot when microwaved to the appropriate temperature. But after continued use, the handle gets very hot!

There is also a tall ceramic mug that can hold a bit more liquid.

The base color of all the mugs seems to be white.

If you order a classic mug with a color other than white, the mug’s handle and the section under the handle will be white.

And as you can see on the purple mug in the photo, the mug’s rim will also be white.

Your Ideas on Shirts

Redbubble can print any design (with the specified image dimensions). Text-only designs are the easiest and fastest to create (in my experience).

With a seller account, you can upload any saying you want on a shirt or mug (or whatever other product) to your Redbubble shop and then purchase it.

For example, I wanted a Cat Lady shirt where “cat lady” is repeated on the shirt. Also, I wanted the text to be purple since purple is my all-time favorite color.

So I designed the shirt below and ordered it! This style is similar to a “thank you bag” that you might get from a store, and the bag says Thank You on it 5 or 6 times.

With this being a cat blog, I am sure you are not surprised that I’m designing cat shirts and art.

There are more than a hundred thousand (100K+) designs on Redbubble. Whatever your interest is, there is a good choice that someone has a design for it. You can visit the Redbubble site, and then type what you are looking for in the search box.

Or if you are interested in becoming a seller and uploading your custom designs, you can learn more here.

So far, I have made less than $10 from Redbubble, which I’m sharing so that you know that it’s not a way to “get rich quick.” I am hoping someday to have enough sales, to help cover my monthly cat costs. Like most things, it takes time and effort, and maybe some luck (or a huge following) for potential buyers to see your designs or art.

I love that I can upload a design and order it that same day! Even if no one else ever buys it, I can have the shirt design that I want in a matter of weeks.

Custom Artwork

Redbubble has many wall art products.  This is amazing for artists who don’t want to manage their art prints’ printing and shipping.

I am not interested in figuring out where I could get art prints locally or buying the equipment to do at home.

And the art can be printed onto so many more products than typical art prints (ex. pillows and coasters).

It’s also a great feeling when someone I don’t know in real life buys my artwork on a product! It feels like validation that my art is good.

And there is so much art on Redbubble! There is bound to be something that you like for yourself or as a gift.

You can read the story behind one of my feral cat paintings here.

Here is a video of two of my cat art pieces on a Redbubble card and coaster.

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