Paws Happy Life vs. Boxiecat cat litter review

A few years ago, we switched to Boxiecat litter after a coworker recommended it.  It’s a very low dust clay clumping litter, which I like because Taco has chronic sinus issues.

When I needed fresh cat litter in a hurry for a rescued cat in the playpen, I got the cheapest clumping litter at the local grocery store close to my house, Paws Happy Life litter.

I was surprised by how well the Paws Happy Life worked, given the low cost.

If you want to see both litters in action (how well it clumps), you can watch the video review.

Below the video, I will discuss the pros and cons of both litters. All comments are based on my experiences of scooping both brands of litter – not just summarizing other people’s reviews on store websites.

Pros and Cons:

Boxiecat is a premium clay clumping litter.  I receive it monthly from Amazon and Chewy as the local Pet Supplies Plus didn’t sell it the last time I checked.

Paws Happy Life appears to be a supermarket brand and not available online (as far as I could tell).

NOTE: I have only used the unscented of both litters. I don’t think a cat needs their litter scented, so I stay away from them. Scooping often and replacing the old litter with fresh litter keeps the orders down. Both companies offer scented varieties. Both litters are made from clay.

NOTE 2: This review is of the Boxiecat clay litter. I learned after starting this review that they have a new product called Boxiecat Air, which is a lightweight plant-based litter that I have not tried.

NOTE 3: I do not mention odor in the Pros or Cons. With any clay clumping litters, the odor should not be much if the cats cover their waste. If they don’t cover it, it’s going to smell regardless of litter type.

Boxiecat Pros

  • Fast clumping into tight clumps. The clumps stay clumped.
  • Very low dust
  • Available online and can cost less with an auto-ship or subscriber and save discount.
  • Doesn’t stick to the litter box (at first anyway, it will eventually with lots of use)
  • Litter pieces are small, which some cats prefer to larger clay litters.
  • The litter doesn’t track much.

Boxiecat Cons

  • The cost is higher than most other clay litters.
  • The bag can be challenging to open.
  • Dumping the litter in the box can be awkward due to the weight of the bag and no handle. Update: As of mid 2021, the handle is back!
  • May not be available locally.

Paws Happy Life Pros

  • The cost is low (20lbs is less than $9 at my store).
  • Container design makes it easy to open, carry, and dump into a litter box.
  • The texture is sand-like (finer than Boxiecat)
  • The litter doesn’t track much.

Paws Happy Life Cons

  • There is some dust, but it was not excessive (you can see it in the video above).
  • Clumps are not tight and may break apart when scooped or covered by a cat.
  • The litter seems more likely to stick to the side or bottom of the litter box.
  • May not be available locally and also does not seem to be available online.

Overall, I like Boxiecat and Paws Happy Life. I prefer both of these litters to TidyCats Lightweight. My preference is for the Boxiecat due to the tight clumps and low dust.

However, if (and maybe when) I want to lower the amount I spend on the cats each month, I would switch to Paws Happy Life cat litter. Paws Happy Life works well enough, the price is right, and it is convenient for me to buy it locally.

Wondering how many litter boxes you need? Check out my guide here!

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