Scoop Away vs. Boxiecat Cat Litter Review

When browsing at Costco, we noticed they had Scoop Away Cat Litter for a great price. So, we decided to give it a try.

The Scoop Away at our Costco was Scoop Away Complete. Unfortunately, it turned out to be scented! The cats used it, though, and I liked how it clumped. I very much dislike scented litter, and it’s on the list of items we don’t have in the house around the cats.

So, we ordered a box of Scoop Away Unscented from Chewy. This review is based on Scoop Away Unscented and Boxiecat Unscented.

Comparing the Scoop Away Litter vs. the Boxiecat Litter

Both litters are clay clumping and claim to be low dust. The texture of both is fine, and the clay pieces are small.

Scoop Away vs Boxiecat Litter Texture

As you can see in the picture, they look very similar. And both litters clump nicely and nearly instantly. I did a clump test in the video below.

The Scoop Away had much more dust when poured into the litter box than the Boxiecat.

So the Scoop Away claim of “Dust Free Scooping” must be referring to after the litter is in the litter box. And in 2024, the wording was changed to “Low Dust Scooping.”

I noticed very little dust from Scoop Away or Boxiecat litter when scooping when I initially made this review.

2024 Update: Scoop Away seems dustier than it once was. I made a new video comparing the dust clouds.

For whatever reason, I had difficulty pushing in the cardboard piece at the top of the Scoop Away box to make the opening to pour the litter. You can see me struggle in the video below! The Boxiecat bag is easily cut open with scissors to make the pour spout.

Scoop Away vs. Boxiecat Cost

There is a significant difference in the cost between Scoop Away and Boxiecat.

We use Chewy’s Autoship feature for our cat litter needs. Unfortunately, Boxiecat isn’t sold at our local pet store. Below is the amount we paid for each cat litter. As you can see, the Boxiecat is about half as much as the Boxiecat.

The prices in the picture (from my auto-ship) may have been sale prices, as sometimes Chewy runs sales!

Check the current price of Scoop Away.

Check the current price of Boxiecat.

Note: The links to Chewy are affiliate links. If you use the link and then make a purchase, I will receive a small commission.

Scoop Away vs Boxiecat Cost

Which Cat Litter Did We Choose?

Many of the features of Boxiecat and Scoop Away, cat litter are similar. However, the Scoop Away box was harder for me to open and was dustier when poured into the litter box.

There is not any noticeable dust from either when scooping the litter. When refilling the litter boxes, we make sure the cats are not nearby to limit the amount of dust they are exposed to.

My cats did not show a preference for either litter. However, the litters look and feel about the same, and the clumping is excellent with both.

We are switching to Scoop Away Unscented Cat Litter based on the significantly lower price. The lower price will help us save on the monthly cost of our cats.


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Heidi Bender is the writer and founder of the Joy of Cats. She enjoys sharing cat information and providing helpful cat tips. She considers herself a cat lady and currently cares for eight cats.

6 thoughts on “Scoop Away vs. Boxiecat Cat Litter Review”

  1. Heidi! Take a boxcutter or scissors and cut around the dotted line. Then you shouldn’t have any trouble pushing in or pulling out, as you prefer.
    Since both of the litters are scoopable clay, I wonder if you’ve ever tried Petco’s SoPhresh unscented. It’s more economical than either of these, and I don’t have a problem with the dust level. Any clay litter and a lot of other litters have some dust when poured, but in the box, I don’t notice much dust at all. We’ve been using this for a LONG time and are very satisfied. Most cats loathe the fake perfume of “scented” litters, and so do I. Since you do, too, I invite you to check SoPhresh Unscented out. It comes in bags or our choice, 30# refillable tubs. I get it shipped, but if you go to the store, you can refill for an even cheaper price because your’re reusing the tub. And the tubs are really nice and sturdy, with good strong handles; they can be repurposed in many ways.

    • That’s a great tip about the box cutter!

      I am sorry, you have mentioned SoPhresh before and I haven’t tried it yet! The nearest Petco is an hour away but I could order online.

  2. I just noticed to my horror how dusty Scoop Away is. I scooped a litter in a room where the sun was shining and there was a cloud of dust coming out of each scoop. The cloud kept rising all around.

  3. Still using our tried and true SoPhresh which is affordable and not very dusty. If you use a plastic scoop to get the litter out of the tub or bag, put it on something (I use the top of the tub) and transfer it to the cat box, pouring it in from as small a distance as possible to the box, you won’t have as much dust in the air, no matter which brand your use. Just a suggestion.


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