3 Things I No Longer Have in the House With My Indoor Cats

The flowers sure are pretty but are they safe for cats? The mini blinds do their job and the cats go around them. No problem, right?

When I was a new cat owner, I knew almost nothing about cats or cat safety.

Over the years, I learned that it’s easier to go without some things when it comes to indoor cats.

Flowers and Plants:

We had cats for more than 10 years before discovering that some flowers can be deadly to cats.

In the book Love Saves The Day by Gwen Cooper, the cat has an incident with lilies. This is when I found out that beautiful, innocent flowers can be deadly to cats.

The list of flowers and plants poisonous to cats is long. It’s so long that I decided it’s easier not to have flowers and plants inside.

The decision feels less complicated than figuring out which are safe and which are not.

There was a time, though, we Ted (my husband would give me flowers). And the picture above is of Lina with flowers. Anytime we had flowers in the house, the cats would like to smell them. After a few knocked over vases, we learned to set the vase in the kitchen sink.

I feel very lucky and fortunate that the cats never took a bite or lick of a poisonous flower.

As an alternative, we now have artificial flowers. There is also grass known as cat grass, which is safe for indoor cats to eat.

We tried growing cat grass once, a very long time ago, back when we only had Lina and Kilala. They decided to dig in the dirt, so we gave up on that idea.

My sister gave me a Chia Cat Grass Planter, which I will try out soon.

kitten in a mini blind
Stock photo of a kitten in a mini blind. This is not my cat. We no longer have this style of mini blinds.

Mini Blinds with Cords

When we were new cat owners, some of our windows had mind blinds with cords on them.

Or course, the cats liked to look out the windows and would peek through the blinds or crawl through them.

This is normal cat-like behavior. And we didn’t think that much of it.

It was okay until it wasn’t.

One night, while Ted and I were playing video games (in the room with the blinds), Lina got tangled up in the cord of the blind.

We heard her gasping as she was hanging with the cord wrapped around her neck. Fortunately, we were in the room, and Ted quickly rescued her, and she was fine.

After the choking incident, I decided no more corded mini blinds in our home! We switched to curtains for some of the windows and cordless miniblinds for the kitchen windows.

I try to keep the house as safe as possible, and corded mini blinds were easy enough to replace with safer window coverings.


Shutting doors isn’t really a thing in our house anymore. When awake, some of the cats will follow me wherever I go.

A closed door is like a challenge. They want to know what is on the other side! Sometimes they will scratch the door or try to put their paws under.

The cats are like little spies, always having an eye on me, including in the bathroom.

We installed a kitty door in our bedroom door to come and go as they please, but we still get the benefit of a darker room at night for sleeping with the door closed.

No more privacy once you have cats.

What have you decided to go without due to having cats? 

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  1. Heidi, I have miniblinds in several rooms. What I do is to raise and lock them at cat viewing height. I even have cat window seats in two of the windows. The other thing, of course, is to either buy blinds that do not have looped adjusters, or cut them to remove the loops. You can also wind the adjusters around the top part of the blind, where it attaches to the frame, so it is entirely out of the way. There’s no need to forego miniblinds.


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