6 Random Cat Lady Thoughts

As a cat lady living with seven indoor cats and caring for two outdoor cats, sometimes I have random thoughts about cats and wonder if other cat people have them too.

Can I Trust the Cat Not To Bite My Lips?

Sometimes Charlotte will lick my lips when she is sitting on my chest. So far, she has never bitten my lips, but sometimes I feel she could at any moment.

So, I discourage her when she starts licking my lips. While I mostly trust her, I keep in mind that she is a cat, and if she tastes something good on my lips, it is possible that she will go for the chomp.

Can a Cat Scratch a Vein Deep Enough to Cause a Bleeding Issue?

All of my cats have claws. I am very much against declawing cats

Sometimes when a cat jumps on my lap, it secures its grip using its claws. Unfortunately, when wearing sweatpants or other thin pants, the claws quickly go through the fabric and end up with tiny scratches on my legs or belly. 

So I’ve wondered if it’s possible for a cat scratch to penetrate deep enough to cause me to bleed out if I didn’t get immediate help. I think the odds of this happening are extremely low, but I have wondered about it. 

Will I Ever Have an All-White Cat?

I’ve always thought that all white cats are beautiful. Before I was a cat lady, I had a friend with five cats, one being all-white. 

And my parents, long before I was on the scene, had a roommate that had a white cat. 

When my husband and I chose our first two kittens, we picked out two tabby calico sisters. And all the cats that we’ve randomly taken in since then have not been all white. So these are the cats that choose us. 

I helped a friend rescue an all-white stray cat once, but we surrendered it to the Humane Society, and they found him a home.  He’s in the picture below in the cat playpen

Since we are not looking to add more cats to our home, I don’t know if I will ever have an all-white cat. 

My husband has a ragdoll cat on his wish list. 

A cat carrier, striped blanket and white cat inside of a cat playpen

Why Do Cats Change Their Favorite Spot?

My cats hang out in the same spots for their daily naps. And then, one day, I will notice that they have changed their favorite spot. 

Sometimes, they will change cat window seats based on where the sun is. 

But other times, they rest consistently in a different cat bed or spot on the cat towers. 

Maybe they like variety. 

Why Will The Cat Sleep On Me on the Couch But Not in the Bed?

Several of the cats will sleep on me when I’m sitting on the couch or when I lie down for a nap on the couch. 

I can wake up, and sometimes there will be two cats sleeping on me. 

But none of the current seven cats sleep on me when I’m in my bed. This remains a mystery to me. 

Is It Better To Have Fewer Cats or More Cats?

Since 2017, I’ve had more than the average number of cats. 

Sometimes I wonder if it’s better only to have one to three cats where you have more time to dedicate to each cat. With fewer cats, you can become best friends with all of them. 

With seven cats, some cats get more attention than others. However, there are many homeless cats in America, so I also feel that it’s good to have more than average, as seven are not too many cats in the house for us. 

What random thoughts do you have about cats? 

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Heidi Bender is the writer and founder of the Joy of Cats. She enjoys sharing cat information and providing helpful cat tips. She considers herself a cat lady and currently cares for eight cats.

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  1. “Too many cats” is more cats than one can care for and about in a good manner. For some, one is “too many.” For others, a large cat family is perfect. Only one cat shares my home and life right now, but I’ve loved having a large cat family for most of my life, and I miss that now. I plan to adopt at least one more cat soon.


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