21 Signs That You’re the Office Cat Lady

Are you wondering if you might be the office cat lady?

Here are 21 signs that your coworkers might think you are a cat lady.

  1. You wear cat themed shirts and sweaters at any opportunity.
  2. Your purse has cats on it.
  3. Your favorite character on The Office is Angela, because Angela is the show’s office cat lady.
  4. You have a cat story for almost every question that comes up.
  5. You’ve taken a box of foster kittens to work to bottle feed them through out the day.
  6. Your coworkers except you to have cat story to share after the weekend.
  7. You have cat themed items and trinkets on your desk.
  8. You have pictures of your cat on your desk.
  9. Your desktop wallpaper and screen saver are pictures of your cats.
  10. Your coworkers ask you “Do you want another cat” when they need to find a home for a cat.
  11. You talk about your cats as if they were your children.
  12. You remind coworkers to spay and neuter their cats.
  13. You share the play-by-play of your cat’s vet appointments.
  14. You explain Trap-Neuter-Return and Community Cats after an evening of trapping feral cats.
  15. Your coworkers get worried when they do not see your on an online video meeting.
  16. Your coworkers ask your advice regarding their cat’s issues.
  17. You seem to only talk about cats with some coworkers.
  18. You think you should get paid bereavement time when your cat dies. Cats are family!
  19. You’ve been late to work because your cat was sitting on you or had early morning cat drama.
  20. You cannot go a day without mentioning your cats and your teammates have noticed.
  21. You have needled felted cats on your desk that you made from wool. 

Do your coworkers think you are the office cat lady?

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Heidi Bender is the writer and founder of the Joy of Cats. She enjoys sharing cat information and providing helpful cat tips. She considers herself a cat lady and currently cares for eight cats.

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