The Scar on the Cat’s Nose

She spotted the cat on the desk when she walked into the room. She planned to write, but the petite gray cat was blocking the keyboard.

Instead of pushing the cat aside, she noticed the scar on the cat’s nose. “How did you get that scar?” she asked the cat.

The cat lady studied the scar. Was the cat held in a cat carrier too long? Was her nose pushed up against the door for so long that the hair was rubbed off, never to return?

The cat lady slowly stroked the cat, initiating a purr as she looked into the cat’s eyes. Was the cat on the losing end of cat fight before she was rescued and brought inside?

The cat lady continued to pet the cat, knowing that she would never know the cause of the cat’s scar.

The cat relaxed, covering the keyboard. She could do her writing later, clearly, the cat needed to nap on the keyboard.

About This Cat Story

When Violet brought her kittens to the yard in 2014, she had a little scar on her nose. In the first pictures of Violet, from 2013 when she would sit on my deck occasionally, the scar was there.

After we rescued Violet (and her kittens), we took her to the vet. The vet was not able to explain how Violet got the little scar on her nose.

About The Cat Story Series

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