Where’s the meowing cat

Sometimes you hear a meow from your cat. It may sound like the usual meow at first.

  • I was playing the piano
  • Then I heard Lina’s meow
  • She likes to meow for attention
  • Lina didn’t come to the piano when I called for her
  • She has partial hearing loss but is not completely deaf
  • I kept playing the piano
  • Lina meowed some more
  • I called again
  • She didn’t come
  • Ted is in the basement
  • I assume she is meowing at Ted in the basement
  • Ted is painting and may not be able to pick her up right away
  • I continue with piano practice
  • About 10 minutes later, the timer on the oven alerts us the dinner is ready
  • Ted and I meet in the kitchen
  • Where’s Lina?
  • We do not hear meowing
  • Perhaps she is sleeping
  • We proceed with dinner
  • And then hear meowing again
  • Ted realizes she is the closet

picture of cat Lina

Lina, she is our senior cat at age 17

Lina was trapped in the closet for about twenty minutes. She went in when Ted opened the closet just after putting dinner into the oven.

Lina is quick and sneaky when she wants to be!

She was fine and happy to be released from the closet.

This was a reminder to be cautious when opening and closing closet your doors. Your cat may slip in while you are not looking.

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Heidi Bender is the writer and founder of the Joy of Cats. She enjoys sharing cat information and providing helpful cat tips. She considers herself a cat lady and currently cares for eight cats.

2 thoughts on “Where’s the meowing cat”

  1. I relate to this SO MUCH, as my beloved angel Sunny used to do this fairly frequently. Sweet angel Kinoko once hid IN a dresser drawer she had somehow accessed by crawling under it and then into it from behind. Tarifa and Elvis have each hidden inside my dad’s lounge chair by crawling into it from behind (so of course I’ve warned my roomies NEVER to put the foot part up unless they look behind and reach in from behind to make sure no one is there!) Two days ago I almost had a heart attack because Elvis did not come when I called him and did not show in ANY of the rooms in the house, the closets, the chair, or anywhere else. I alerted my roomies, who also went into high panic mode. Another few trips throughout the house and another look under our Cal King bed FINALLY revealed Elvis hiding in the shadows. WHY, I’ll never know, because he usually comes when called, especially at meal times, which this was. Just a heads-up for everyone out there: ALWAYS check and double check and then check again and again. Yes, cats ARE liquid and they are also air and they can and do hide anywhere.


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