Cardboard cat scratchers

If your cats have claws, they will need something to scratch them on.

In the video, I talk a bit about the cardboard cat scratchers as I switch a used-up scratcher with a new cat scratcher box.

You can also read some quick tips at the end of this post. Also, this post contains affiliate links. If you use a link and then make a purchase I will receive a commission.

I forgot to mention sisal rope cat scratchers in the video. We have three cat towers where the sisal rope is wrapped around the support legs between each level.

Cardboard Cat Scratchers

My cats like the cardboard scratchers. The cats use them the most in high traffic areas (we have tested placements of the boxes.)

By high traffic, I mean high traffic for the cats (which can also be high traffic for the humans). When cats scratch stuff they may be marking their territory.

Providing your cats with cat scratchers (cardboard, rope, or carpet) will reduce the likelihood of the cats scratching your furniture or other things that you don’t want them to scratch.​

Cardboard scratchers will wear out if your cats are using them. As their claws destroy the cardboard, little pieces of cardboard may come off of the scratcher.

You will want to watch for these as the cats can ingest the little pieces, which could cause a blockage or be a possible choking hazard (yikes!).

A stick vacuum is great for quickly sucking up the pieces!

close up of the little cardboard pieces
close up of the little cardboard pieces

Cat Scratchers Tips

  • ​Most brands are double-sided and can be flipped over.
  • Catnip can be used to attract cats to a new scratcher box.
  • If you don’t want to replace the entire box, some brands sell refills
  • Your cat may prefer a vertical scratcher
  • If you (or your cats) don’t like the cardboard scratchers, try sisal rope or carpet.
  • Replace cardboard cat scratchers when they ​break down. Cats will use them less and little cardboard pieces become a hazard with used-up scratchers.
  • There are replacements for the circle scratchers too! (this type of scratcher is usually in the center of a track that has a toy the cat can push around)
  • Amazon’s subscribe and save feature can be used on brands like this one to get new boxes delivered on a regular schedule (you can choose how often)
  • There are many, many different styles of scratchers. There is bound to be a style that both you and your cat will like.

Note: Links to Amazon on this page are affiliate links. If you click the link and then make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you! Thank you!

​Do your cats like cardboard cat scratchers?

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