3 Stick Vacuum Benefits and 3 Uses for Cat Life

A few years ago, we decided to get a cordless vacuum and choose the Dyson v7 animal model.

We’ve had a full-size Dyson pet vacuum for many years and have been happy with it, so we didn’t look at any other brands.

The Dyson v7 is the only stick vacuum I have used, but it seems likely that any newer cordless vacuum would share the benefits and uses that I will share below.

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Update: We’ve upgraded to the Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal Lightweight Cordless. It works even better than the V7. The suction on it is fantastic and the battery lasts longer.

The lists below are for my thoughts on the vacuum with regards to cats. You may also want to watch my video that shows the vacuum.

Stick Vacuum Benefits

  1. Quieter than a full-size vacuum (at least my full-size vacuum). The vacuum noise is lower, which may result in your cats being less scared of it.
  2. Lightweight. It’s easier to push around, so you may be inclined to vacuum more often.
  3. No Cord. Since it’s cordless, that means no cord to hassle with or trip on.

Stick Vacuum Benefits for Cat Cleaning

  1. Cat Towers. With it being light, it’s easy to use the Dyson stick vacuum to clean the cat towers.
  2. Cardboard Cat Scratchers. We have many cardboard cat scratchers throughout the house. As the cats use them, little pieces of cardboard break off and are scattered nearby the box. It’s quite quick to use the cordless vacuum to suck up the pieces.
  3. Cat Litter. It works quite well for sucking up the litter that has been kicked out of the litter boxes.
  4. Steps. The stick vacuum makes it much easier and faster to vacuum cat hair off of the steps. Our basement stairs get vacuumed much more than we only had a heavy, full-size vacuum.
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Dyson V7 Animal Review

Overall, I really like the Dyson v7. There are newer models available now, which likely have improvements.

The attachments are easy to switch out. And it’s easy to empty the collection container, although it is a little small. It’s great at sucking up cat hair out of the carpet. I usually need to empty it, 2-3 times if run it until the battery dies.

The battery life could be better. We’ve had to replace the battery once. The vacuum will run for 15-30 minutes before it needs to be recharged.

Update: We switched to the v10 model in January and we like it even better! The battery last longer and the suction has been improved.

We put the charger/holder in a closet that had a nearby outlet. If you are short on space or outlets, having one more thing that needs to be plugged in to be charged could be an issue.

I don’t like how the fan tends to blow in my face a bit while I am vacuuming.

The Dyson Animal stick vacuum has worked out well for cleaning up after the cats!

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  1. There’s no way I would spend the amount necessary to buy any Dyson product, even a refurb. My roomie has one and it’s okay. I got a refurb bagless HEPA-filtered vacuum from Dirt Devil’s manufacturer website that came disassembled, put it together, and it’s been wonderful for years.


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