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Charlotte my cat that couldn't poop laying on the bed

When My Cat Couldn’t Poop

My cat was unable to poop last week. This is the story of my cat Charlotte who couldn’t poop for a few days. The reason …


How often to change cat water - cat at water bowl

How Often To Change Cat Water

The water for cats should be changed daily when using a traditional water bowl. Cats like fresh water better than stale, and cats need to …


Cat under a drop trap

Cat Drop Trap Tips

Using a cat drop trap can take a bit of practice.  I recently needed to trap Pork Chop, one of the feral cats that come …


cat tunnels for indoor cats

The Best Indoor Cat Tunnels

Cat tunnels can add enrichment and fun to your cat’s life. Interactive cat toys are one way to catify your home. Your cat or cats …